Family hiking in spring

Sensible precautions ensure happy hikes with the kids

April 20, 2017 21:54
Hula Valley

Hula Valley: Watching cranes fly above: Watching cranes fly above. (photo credit: ITAMAR GRINBERG/INFO.GOISRAEL.COM)

Our too-short spring has arrived, when mild weather tempts one outdoors to walk the land. Here are some safety reminders to make sure that everyone enjoys their hike and returns home in good spirits.

Convene a family meeting ahead of time. Lay out the plan so that each one understands what the hiking area is like, the estimated length of the hike, and detours to visit particular sites. Have everyone study the map of the area. Hear what each family member expects from the trip. Decide what’s reasonable – and what’s not. If you plan to be away overnight, decide where you’ll be sleeping and if you’ll be setting up a tent or sleeping in the open. Make sure everyone knows and agrees to the plan.


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