Making an important point

40 students from Yeshiva University, New York, spend 10 days of their winter break as volunteer teachers for children in Israel’s periphery.

April 3, 2014 11:11

Pupils at a school in Kiryat Gat learn about Diaspora communities around the world with guest teachers from New York’s Yeshiva University.. (photo credit: YESHIVA UNIVERSITY)

On a Tuesday morning in January, a bubbly group of eighth-grade girls in Kiryat Malachi’s Amit junior high school were busy exploring a world before the advent of the Internet and email. The assignment given to these students, mostly children of immigrants from Ethiopia, was to design postage stamps with pictures and words on them representing who they were and how they viewed their lives in Israel.

As per the assignment, the stamps – if actually licked and attached to letters, perhaps sent to a Jewish friend in the Diaspora – would offer a window into their world as Israeli children of immigrants and members of the larger Israeli and Jewish community.


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