Alleged Syrian atomic reactor 'vanishes'

2 satellite images show building has disappeared; experts: Syria wanted to make evidence go away.

October 26, 2007 02:29
Alleged Syrian atomic reactor 'vanishes'

Syrian Reactor graphic. (photo credit: Channel 10)

New satellite images published by The New York Times overnight Thursday show that the installation allegedly attacked by Israel on September 6, and considered by experts to be a fledgling nuclear reactor, has disappeared without a trace. Two high resolution photos taken by a commercial satellite before and after the strike show that the site has been almost totally cleared. US experts claimed that the speed with which Syria hurried to clear up any rubble remaining after the alleged strike was indicative of its will to get rid of incriminating evidence. A senior intelligence official said the evacuation of debris was not a pre-planned clearing up, which usually lasts up to a year. It was "amazing" that the Syrians made such efforts to make evidence "vanish" so quickly, the official said. David Albright, President of the Institute for Science and International Security, said the building's disappearance was troubling. It seems Syria is trying to hide something, Albright said, but "it will not work. [They] will have to produce answers on what happened there." The White House spokesperson in Washington refused to respond to the report.

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