Hizbullah: Ashkenazi comments prove UN tribunal biased

Chief Hizbullah propagandist tell BBC Arabic that Israel hopes Hariri tribunal will weaken Shi'ite group's hold in Lebanon.

November 17, 2010 14:13
Hizbullah fighters parade in southern Beirut

Hizbullah parade 311 AP. (photo credit: AP)

Recent comments by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Gabi Ashkeanzi on the UN tributnal into the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri prove that Israel has a significant influence over the tribunal and is seeking to influence its outcome, Hizbullah's propaganda chief Hussein Rahal told BBC Arabic on Wednesday.

Ashkenazi had warned that if the tribunal were to indict Hizbullah members it would likely lead to a coup d'etat have provoked a response from the Shi'ite group.

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In an interview cited by Israel Radio, Hizbullah propaganda chief Hussein Rahal added that Israel was hoping that the tribunal's final findings would weaken Hizbullah's position in Lebanon.

The Hizbullah spokesman's remarks were the Shi'ite group's first response to the comments Ashkenazi made on an official visit to Canada on Monday.

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