Mubarak: Muslims must revamp image

Says followers responsible for correcting others' negative view of Islam.

October 20, 2006 00:36
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President Hosni Mubarak said Thursday that the Islamic world was facing cruel and incorrect accusations, but said Muslims themselves must take some responsibility for others' erroneous impressions. Mubarak made the comments in an address to senior Egyptian officials and Muslim clerics on the 27th day of Ramadan. "Shouldn't we Muslims shoulder part of the responsibility of these wrong ideas about Islam? Have we fulfilled our duty in correcting the image of Islam and the Muslims? What did we do to face a terrorism that wears Islam's cloak and targets the lives of the people," Mubarak said in the remarks that were televised live. Muslims are angry about drawings in the West mocking the prophet and about accusations that Islam encourages terrorism. "We don't accept insulting our sanctities in the name of freedom of opinion or press, because disrespecting our beliefs inflames angry emotions, extremism and takes us toward grave paths," he said. Mubarak cautioned the world against "sedition, confrontation, theories of the clash of civilizations and religions; don't mix religion with politics or politics with religion in international relations or tie Islam and Muslims with blind terrorism that knows no home or religion." He said Islam for 14 centuries had established "principles of forgiveness, righteousness and reform and prevented wrong doings and did not allow racism or discrimination. Fascism or Nazism did not rise from Islam's land." Mubarak said the golden age of Islamic civilization had retreated when creativity in Islam disappeared and people strayed away from the essence of the doctrine. "We need a new religious approach that teaches people the correct things in their religion that gives greater value for interrelations, behavior, devotion and advocates principles of forgiveness and stands against exaggeration and extremism," he said.

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