Trial of Egyptian accused of spying for Mossad delayed

Decision comes after Tarek Abdel-Razek's lawyer pulled out of case, saying his client was a "traitor;" Razek given time to find new lawyer.

January 15, 2011 12:46
Items allegedly siezed from Mossad-linked suspects

mossad iran spy equipment_58. (photo credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS)

The trial of an Egyptian man charged with allegedly gathering intelligence for Mossad was postponed on Saturday.

The decision came after Tarek Abdel-Razek's lawyer pulled out of the case, saying his client was a "traitor."

'Syria uncovers Israeli spy networks with Egypt's help'
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The Emergency State Security court postponed the hearing until Monday to allow Razek time to hire a new lawyer.

At the end of December, Razek was arrested and three "spy networks" were found in Syria, allegedly gathering intelligence for the Mossad.

Razek, a Kung Fu coach, reportedly bribed a senior Syrian security official "for a huge sum of money" to give him security-related files.

Egypt reportedly shared intelligence with Syria, that led to the arrest.

A Lebanese journalist also claimed that Razek tried to recruit him to work for the Mossad, offering him $200,000.

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