US Special Forces fight suspected Shiite militiamen; 14 reportedly killed

September 6, 2007 17:18

American and Iraqi Special Forces clashed with suspected Shi'ite militiamen Thursday in western Baghdad before calling in airstrikes, the US military said. Residents and police said at least 14 people were killed. Acting on intelligence information, the U.S. and Iraqi troops launched the early-morning raid in the capital's Washash area against the suspected terrorist cell, which was believed to be responsible for attacks on police and sectarian killings, the US command said in a statement. As the troops entered the area they came under fire from more than a dozen militiamen firing from the rooftops. "Iraqi and US forces then responded with well-aimed and suppressive fire," the military said. "Forces also directed proportional aerial fire onto targeted buildings against positively identified armed gunmen directing small arms fires onto the assault force."

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