Mercury poisoning or rabbinical potion?

Mif’al Hapayis senior official arrested for trying to poison co-worker with mercury says liquid was magic potion from a rabbi.

Mif’al Hapayis building 370 (photo credit: GFDL/Wikimedia Commons)
Mif’al Hapayis building 370
(photo credit: GFDL/Wikimedia Commons)
A woman arrested for attempting to poison her co-worker with mercury was merely scattering a magic potion she was given by a rabbi in an attempt to patch things up with her colleague, a lawyer for the woman said Monday.
Attorney Yaron London said that his client, a senior official at the Mif’al Hapayis national lottery who had been feuding with the co-worker for some time, had visited a rabbi who her family knows well. The rabbi gave her the substance and advised her to spread it on the co-worker’s doorknob and office. The rabbi ensured the woman that the liquid would clear the air between her and her office adversary, and that peace would reign in the corridors of the Mif’al Hapayis building in Tel Aviv.
The Rishon Letzion Magistrate’s Court on Monday ordered the woman’s remand to be extended until Monday night, at which point she will be released. The case against her has not been closed, London said.
London said that investigators were able to detect a small amount of mercury in the liquid, but that it wasn’t enough to hurt anyone.
The defendant was arrested on Sunday morning, the day after a security guard saw surveillance camera footage of her walking around the building by herself at night and throwing some sort of liquid on the co-worker’s door handle.