Before Bibi was Bibi: Netanyahu gets a blast from the past

Alumni of Netanyahu's high school send him his yearbook 48 years later.

July 16, 2015 15:12
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Netanyahu high school

Benjamin Netanyahu's high school yearbook photo. (photo credit: CHELTENHAM HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got an unexpected trip down memory lane this week when a group of alumni from Philidelphia's Cheltenham High School sent him his 1967 class yearbook, reported local Philadelphia news portal,

Netanyahu missed his high school graduation when he left the United Stated to enlist in the IDF around the start of the Six Day War in June of 1967.

In April, classmates David Gorewitz, Sam Katz, Bonnie Mason and Chuck Langerman decided that, despite not knowing Netanyahu personally, they would send him a note on behalf of the class congratulating him on winning his fourth term as prime minister.

Netanyahu received the package and responded with a personal card, surprising his schoolmates.

"Thank you for your kind message of congratulations and support. I appreciate your sending me the copy of the Cheltenham High School yearbook. It brought back many fond memories," read the card.

"I expected a form letter," Gorewitz told "When it was a personal card, I was kind of surprised. We thought that it was nice that he took the time out."

According to the report, the yearbook shows that Netanyahu was an active member of the debate team and the chess club and ironically, played left wing for the school soccer team. "That was the exact opposite of his political views," joked Langerman.

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