Destination:Unknown, TEDx most recent event will be held in Tel Aviv

One of the largest TED events in Israel, TEDxWhiteCity, will be held this upcoming Wednesday at the Israeli-Opera Performing Arts Center in Tel Aviv.

January 19, 2017 11:01
TEDxWhiteCity 2017

TEDxWhiteCity 2017. (photo credit: MARTINA BIALEK)

The unique, 1,500 participants event will be focusing on the spirit of innovation through the Start-Up nation. Destination: Unknown looks to inspire people and shape our future with lectures and insights from the fields of technology, education and art.

The conference will focus and explore Israel's innovation and provide a platform for influential voices to be heard; including entrepreneurs, organizations, students, soldiers and other technology units. This is the second year the event takes place in Tel Aviv.

TEDxWhiteCity was initiated with the vision of opening to a wider audience in Tel Aviv and beyond. TEDxWhiteCity places itself at the interface between the powerful nationwide innovation community with the worldwide following of TED.

The TEDxWhiteCity organizing team includes 20+ experienced members of the Israeli and international TEDx community, as well as motivated and inspirational young professionals and community leaders. The speakers are coached by Virtuozo, a vibrant Israeli company that trains speakers for TED and other platforms around the world.

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