Monkeys eating matzah - watch

According to, pets cannot eat chametz on Passover.

Monkeys eat matzah on Passover (photo credit: screenshot)
Monkeys eat matzah on Passover
(photo credit: screenshot)
The Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan provided some kosher-for-Passover fun for its patrons this week, providing its monkeys  matzah on which to munch.
The Hebrew daily Haaretz captured the monkeys on film.

The monkeys are part of the safari’s collection of wildlife, which is the largest collection of wildlife in human care in the Middle East. It is the home of 83 species of mammals, 92 species of birds and 23 species of reptiles. 
On Passover, Jews around the world refrain from eating chametz. But can animals eat chametz? According to, the Talmud states that not only can Jews not eat chametz on Passover, but they also cannot derive any benefit from it, which means that they cannot feed it to their pets. 
Aish advocates for feeding pets kosher for Passover pet food or human food. This is true for all kinds of pets and animals, ranging from dogs to fish.
However, if you are Ashkenazi and refrain from eating kitniyot on Passover, this does not mean your pets need to hold by that stringency. According to Aish, it is permitted to feed pets kitniyot – rice, corn, soy beans, etc.