ramat gan safari

Ramat Gan Safari's newest baby rhino finally has a name

At the moment, the Ramat Gan Safari leads Europe in the number of rhinos born, due to the success of this program.

Mazal Tov! Baby rhino born at Ramat Gan Safari

The park said on Monday morning that the southern white rhino was born on December 30. Rhinos are one of the most endangered species in the world.

 An orangutan eats the traditional Matza (unleavened bread) in preparation for the upcoming Passover
IN PICTURES: Primates prepare for Passover at Ramat Gan Zoo

The Ramat Gan Safari Park gets ready for the upcoming holiday.

Sherman the overweight hedgehog trims down

After feasting on cat food, Sherman the hedgehog has made remarkable strides in shedding his extra grams.

Overweight hedgehog finds new home in Ramat Gan Safari

While a chubby hedgehog may sound endearing, Sherman experienced difficulty walking due to his extra weight.

A monkey and a chicken have become best friends at Ramat Gan Safari

The Asian monkey has been hanging out with the chicken on a regular basis.

White rhino
Rihanna the rhino gives birth to first calf at Israeli zoo

Rami the rhino is the 29th rhino to be born in the Ramat Gan Safari; both baby and mother are doing well.

Conner the monkey
Israeli zoo goes bananas: Monkey escapes Ramat Gan Safari

The escaped primate, named Conner, was described as a small, 17-year-old male of the capuchin species.

WATCH: Hidden underwater cameras reveal how animals drink water at Ramat Gan Safari

Zookeeper Elad Herskowitz placed cameras inside the water troughs of a number of animals at the Ramat Gan Safari.

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