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Baby rhino born in Israeli zoo

Baby rhino born in Ramat Gan Safari named after outgoing President Rivlin

The baby male, who has not yet been named, was spotted trotting alongside his mother, 11-year-old Rihanna, now a mother of three, the Ramat Gan Safari Park zoo said.


Rockets land in central Israel - in pictures

Damage can be seen from the rocket that fell in Ramat Gan on Saturday morning.

Wildlife Hospital cleans, treats animals after ecological disaster - Watch

The cleaning of the tar is done using special oils. It is a lengthy process that requires patience and an especially gentle hand.

Elephant (illustrative).

Ramat Gan Safari elephant celebrates 46th birthday

Born on August 11, 1974, Yossi was a small baby elephant who grow up to mighty size, reaching the impressive height of 3.8 meters (12.46 feet) and weighing 7 tons.

Baby female rhino born in Ramat Gan safari (September 17, 2018).

Rhino finds new home in Switzerland following health problems in Israel

Transporting a rhinoceros is a complex operation but she won’t be going it alone.


Overweight hedgehog finds new home in Ramat Gan Safari

While a chubby hedgehog may sound endearing, Sherman experienced difficulty walking due to his extra weight.

Monkeys eat matzah on Passover

Monkeys eating matzah - watch

According to Aish.com, pets cannot eat chametz on Passover.

Ramat Gan Safari's newest baby rhino finally has a name

At the moment, the Ramat Gan Safari leads Europe in the number of rhinos born, due to the success of this program.

Mazal Tov! Baby rhino born at Ramat Gan Safari

The park said on Monday morning that the southern white rhino was born on December 30. Rhinos are one of the most endangered species in the world.

 An orangutan eats the traditional Matza (unleavened bread) in preparation for the upcoming Passover

IN PICTURES: Primates prepare for Passover at Ramat Gan Zoo

The Ramat Gan Safari Park gets ready for the upcoming holiday.

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