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Blue and White leader Benny Gantz and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet to discuss possible pol
An Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and General Gantz

I want to deal with the situation that is imminent. Following that, I will outline a far more effective and democratic form of government than Israel's historic system.

Corona’s silver lining

We must not go back to our excessive and fossil-burning ways.

GRAPEVINE: The president is grounded

Unlike most other people of his generation, Rivlin has a lot of room in which to move around outside without breaking the rules.

My Word: Crowning the butterfly effect

A major problem facing us all is how to gradually return to normal life – albeit battle-scarred – after the war is over.

EDITOR’S NOTES: Where are the crisis agencies?

“Ministers have a hard time functioning in routine and implementing their policies, let alone at a time of emergency.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recommends Israelis use the namaste greeting to avoid contracting
Right from Wrong: Netanyahu’s trustworthy coronavirus leadership

It appears, then, that a complete countrywide lockdown – which most Israelis have been both fearing and expecting – is inevitable.

Gaza Helps Israel and Qatar Find Common Ground

The turbulent reality in the Middle East challenged the rivalry between Israel and Qatar and prompted a fundamental change in their relationship.

Channel 2 television's Lucy Aharish
I am so proud of you, Lucy Aharish

On Sunday morning, Aharish was fired from the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Commitment, combat and corona - Know Comment

Sending off a son this week to serve in the IDF is a raw test of Zionist commitment, especially during a contagion.

Haredi youth
Haredim and the virus: more than what the lens captures

Those images – broadcast far and wide – led to angry reactions in Facebook posts and Twitter feeds, with many recoiling at what they described as the “selfish” behavior of haredim.

Coronavirus: Crisis management 101

5 key crisis management rules and how they relate to the coronavirus crisis in Israel.

Letters to In Jerusalem: March 27, 2020

I would rather see seminars on ethics and public policy instituted in the halls of city government before another shekel is spent.

Gaza helps Israel and Qatar find common ground - opinion

In just a few years, Israel and Qatar relations has evolved from enmity to strategic partnership regarding the Gaza Strip.

An open letter to my fellow working moms during the coronavirus outbreak

Now, I’m doing all of that without school and activities to keep the children busy and my husband is staying at his parents’ empty house in isolation. And so, I am doing this all on my own.

A banner depicts Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, and Israel Prime minister Benjamin Net
Open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and General Gantz

The informed public demands that you both, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leader of the Blue and White Party Benny Gantz heed President Rivlin’s request to put aside your political differnces.

Jews come in all shapes, colors and sizes

OBSERVATIONS: On Saturday night, March 14, a new immigrant from India named Am-Shalem Singson, who studies at a hesder yeshiva in Ma’alot, was on his way home to visit his family in Tiberias.

Letters to the Magazine: March 27, 2020

readers of the Jerusalem Post Magazine have their say.

The Kochavi family, under quarantine until Thursday, goes to vote at a coronavirus voting booth
Love in the time of corona

New immigrants arriving after COVID-19 began taking its toll may find themselves isolated – but they won’t be alone

Now is the time to save Lebanon from Hezbollah

Usually we hear about Lebanon when tensions escalate on the border. Lately, we neglect to observe that it is going bankrupt and on the fast track to being declared a failed state.

A medical employee presents a smear taken at a special corona test center for public service employe
Confronting coronavirus: A struggle between life and death

The Torah tells us to see ourselves as soldiers in the army of life, on permanent duty against death. The first priority now is to fight this escalating threat.

A man wears a face mask as he walks in a market in Ashkelon while Israel tightened a national stay-a
During the coronavirus crisis, just stay home

Staying home exposes you to fewer people, which makes it less likely that you will catch COVID-19.

Israeli police officers seen during a raid on the ultra orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Meah Shearim
Coronavirus: A health crisis in Israeli society

Turning the threat into an opportunity

Are we really better than other countries in fighting coronavirus?

Much is being spoken about solidarity nowadays. Does this include respecting those who are violating the medical instructions and putting all of us at risk?

Gantz's 61 seats is a majority – opinion

Is the intervention of the Supreme Court a violation of the sovereignty of the Knesset? The answer is a clear: no!

Coronavirus: How to be present for others when social distancing

There will be birthdays without parties, weddings without horas and funerals without mourners. Our family and friends will not be there.

A woman uses an ATM at a branch of Israel Discount Bank in Tel Aviv, Israel
Economic impact of coronavirus will remain long after illness disappears

This is a crisis that no one expected or could prepare for. Even worse, it is impossible to estimate when it will end.

US President Donald Trump holds a news conference in Washington DC
Is Trump opening Pandora’s box? – opinion

Trump has said he plans to resurrect and relentlessly pursue the investigations of Hunter Biden now that his father is the likely Democratic presidential candidate.

Police officers in coronavirus protective suits
The public’s resilience in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

The public trusts its officials to make the right decisions and balance the possible loss of life with national security interests. They understand that sometimes ultimate victory comes with pain.

Teenagers in coronavirus quarantine – opinion

Since the lockdown, I’ve found myself spending hours at home feeling aimless and unmotivated, but mostly afraid.

The virus spreading faster than coronavirus: Antisemitism

Social media seems to have exploded with antisemitic comments, ranging from “The Jews created coronavirus” to absurd false accusations that Israel has separate medical treatment for non-Jews.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein speaks in a Knesset press conference after Knesset legal advisor Eyal
Do the right thing, Yuli Edelstein

This country needs an active Knesset. It needs oversight and the democratic wheels need to continue spinning.

To my son, enlisting as a coronavirus-clouded soldier

Your “last hurrah” abroad ended with your grandmother’s deathwatch and shiva. Then, your two weeks of pre-IDF fun ended in Corona-quarantine.

Grapevine March 25, 2020: A small wedding

Movers and shakers in Israeli society

President Rivlin meets with Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz about forming a government
Stop the madness, Blue and White! Form a national-unity government now!

It is scandalous that while the majority of the nation are isolated in their homes, Blue and White leaders are still playing petty, inciting politics.

Channel 2 television's Lucy Aharish
The sudden firing of Lucy Aharish from KAN

KAN said its decision to fire Aharish was part of its staff cutbacks due to the coronavirus cutback, but we don't buy it.

General view of the empty square outside the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on March 16, 20
First week of coronavirus shutdown in Israel – opinion

It looks as if the system is rapidly finding its hands and feet, though there appears to be disagreement among the experts about the priorities

WILL THEY meet in the next government? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz at the memo
As Netanyahu exploits coronavirus, Gantz should keep his distance

Reality Check: The prime minister is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic for his own personal needs.

People dance among foam during spring break at a n
Coronavirus is exposing the narcissism of our youth – opinion

Even if those who say we’re overreacting are right, shouldn’t those who are part of the partying scene feel that it’s unseemly at a time when so many are suffering?

Maimonides on Jewish humiliation under Islamic rule

The myth that historians have propagated is that Jewish life under the Muslims was safer and more successful than the life of Jews in Christendom.

The digital irony of the coronavirus crisis – opinion

Jewish tradition has a remarkable way of connecting current events to the Torah-reading cycle, and this crisis is no exception.

A medical employee presents a smear taken at a special corona test center for public service employe
Spread of COVID-19 begins to show pattern of 4-8 week eruption cycle

Analyzing the specific data of each country separately suggests that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – and that the tunnel is not that long.

Gantz should distance himself from Netanyahu - opinion

The prime minister is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic for his own personal needs.

Coronavirus: Free Foreign Ministry from quarantine

The isolation imposed on the Foreign Ministry by the outgoing government resulted in its gradual decline.

Magen David Adom worker test kit as he arrives for a patient with symptoms of COVID-19 (coronavirus)
Coronavirus has a spiritual effect

Side by side with the awesome power of the human spirit is the existential vulnerability of the human condition.

Israelis stranded in India board an El Al flight to return them to Israel amid coronavirus concerns
A homecoming for Israelis due to coronavirus

It is believed that thousands of Israelis are still stuck in South America.

Coronavirus: A threat to national security – opinion

Just as some diabetics cheat and eat candy, there will be people who test the boundaries of social distancing and try to expand the lines of where they should and should not go.

child patient
I'm a pediatrician, and coronavirus has changed my life – opinion

By now the overwhelming majority of people in Hasidic communities understand the danger of the pandemic and the resulting need for isolation.

The provincial leftism of Bernie Sanders – opinion

For every American manufacturing job lost since 1977, 10 comparable (or better) paying jobs have been created elsewhere.

The coronavirus could spell the end of Iran's regime, and that's not good

Nobody can predict what might be the consequences of this state of affairs – thousands, perhaps even millions, of Iranians may die.

tel avvi beach summer
Depriving coronavirus the thriving environment of summer time

Not to recognize the potential threat of summer time during this trying period would be both reckless and irresponsible.

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron
Grapevine March 22, 2020: An ancestral ceremony

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

A banner depicts Benny Gantz, leader of Blue and White party, and Israel Prime minister Benjamin Net
Are we ready for a unity government?

Now it is up to us, as citizens, to learn to be comfortable with a unity government arrangement.

Israel police car (Illustrative)
An Israeli 911: Why Israel doesn't have one single dispatch service?

Now is the perfect time to put all of this to an end and to set up a single dispatch service in Israel.

CHINA PIONEERED the struggle against the virus.
The impact of the coronavirus in China: Implications for Israel

Many have framed the coronavirus as a test of Beijing’s international reputation.

A medical staff wears protective gear at a new section specialised in receiving any person who may h
Uncertain, scary world in time of coronavirus

Capriciousness and vulnerabilities of life teach us humility, moral responsibility and reliance on G-d

My Word: Conquering fear in the time of corona

Caremongering, in; scaremongering, out.

Joint List should take part in the unity government combating coronavirus

This virus affects all parts of society. It does not care is you are religious or secular, Jewish or Muslim. In this war, Israel does not fight an Arab or a Muslim enemy.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) sit in front of Pres
Editor's Notes: Politicizing a health crisis

Ever since he was appointed speaker of the Knesset in 2013, Yuli Edelstein has epitomized what it means to be a statesman in Israel.

The IDF holds a blood drive in light of the coronavirus crisis
Will Israel lead the way?

Is it accurate to predict that those who recover from COVID-19 will all become immune?

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally in St Louis, Missouri, U
Bernie Sanders: the king of wishful thinking in the Middle East

Pressuring Israel to partake in negotiations, particularly negotiations doomed to fail from the outset, does not bode well for future Israeli cooperation in US regional policies.

Malthusian coronavirus: Nowhere to run to!

Now released, we are warned, as senior citizens, to remain in quarantine. In any case, there seems logically little place else to hide from the virus.

IRANIAN PARLIAMENT speaker Ali Larijani attends a news conference at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut’s
The crossroads of uncertainty

The non-state actors, who don’t receive any external support financially nor politically, are given ample assistance in both categories.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chinese VP Wang Qishan attend the Committee on Innovation in I
Coronavirus crisis and its future influence on Israel-China-US relations

With this in mind, China has invested considerably in Israeli start-ups, academic collaboration and research and development.

What is Netanyahu fighting for?

Netanyahu is not waging a war against the coronavirus. He’s managing a war for his own survival, and nothing else.

General view of the empty square outside the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on March 16, 20
Beware racism

One of Israel’s great strengths is the diverse society created over its history.

Is there a place for me in Israel? - advice

Leaving familiarity and communal religious tolerance for the unknown is scary.

Could coronavirus be a blessing?

“Go, My people, enter your chambers, and close your door; hide for but a moment until the wrath passes” (Yeshayahu 26:20).

Letters to the Editor March 20, 2020: Fools

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say

Coronavirus quarantine diary: the snows of Kilimanjaro

It was only when we were on our way down that I learned we were coming home to quarantine, despite the small number of cases of coronavirus in Africa.

Coronavirus: The divide between Trump's, Democrats' definition of crisis

Trump’s “don’t worry, be happy” approach from the outset has backfired. Only the blindly loyal believed when he said he had everything under control. Even some loyalists are having doubts.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the nation regarding new emergency measures brought in t
Coronavirus: Better communication needed in the midst of crisis

What is not needed at times like these – when everyone’s anxiety level is already at fever pitch – are unclear messages from the top.

Coronavirus isn't Israel's biggest problem, it's the politicians – opinion

Like all things this past year, the novel coronavirus is no different, as Israel’s grand interregnum keeps chugging along.

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz (L) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) sit in front of Pres
Coronavirus: Democratic political engagement under mass quarantine

In Israel, there currently is ample reason for political engagement, dissent and mass protest.

A Jewish and democratic state may just be impossible – opinion

The too many years of the Netanyahu regime has increased racism, hatred and fear against the Arab citizens of Israel.

‘WHAT ARE the effects, in Israel, in the US, and the rest of the world, of the perceived opinions of
US politics and American Jewry: It never was the way it was

For the vast majority of American Jews, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were the first contenders for the major party nomination who expressed strikingly anti-Israel and anti-AIPAC attitudes.

Coronavirus: A short guide to managing employees in remote locations

Managing remotely or remotely managing?

Could peace in the Middle East be achieved through business? – opinion

The United Arab Emirates is emerging as Middle East's power broker

TWO PEOPLE walk near the beach in Tel Aviv
Transforming the Jewish community

Young Jewish adults are not building enough of an effusive connection to Israel and programmatic priorities have shifted away from Israel-related education.

Travelers wearing masks chat in the arrivals terminal after Israel said it will require anyone arriv
Life in Israel under the coronavirus

It's almost impossible to imagine the accelerated pace of limits imposed on the country over the last 10 days.

Coronavirus: Fill the communal void while flattening the curve – opinion

As this virus crisis robs us of the joy of community, as we feel how alienating it is to live in isolation, let’s push back.

Everyone’s become an epidemiologist in the coronavirus outbreak

This is a serious threat, and there are serious concerns, and there is reason to worry. But there are also responsible ways of dealing with the crisis enveloping our lives and threatening our health.

Why the Joint List should be part of the coalition – opinion

Even if such a coalition will not materialize now, the conversation should continue, as this question will remain important.

President Rivlin meets with Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz about forming a government
Coronavirus: A call for unity in Israeli politics

Both Netanyahu and Gantz expressed the desire for unity immediately after the March 2 election.

A member of a Servpro cleaning crew checks a coworker's protective gear before entering the Life Car
Crisis management: Leadership during coronavirus

In times of crisis, when normal business is suspended and the usual models fall apart, managers are tasked with maintaining calm and preserving value for their organizations

Turkey’s President Erdogan lights the wick of immigrant wars

If the Erdogan regime, in pursuit of its own antidemocratic, expansionist, and destabilizing agenda, continues to weaponize immigrants and place their lives in serious danger, the world must act.

Coronavirus: Togetherness – especially now!

Only now, as the Health Ministry regulates preventative measures of separation, do we realize that we are all one.

A member of a Servpro cleaning crew checks a coworker's protective gear before entering the Life Car
Coronavirus: The fear will kill us, too

I believe that fear will weaken, rather than embolden, our resolve. It will undermine our health. Depression will sap our energy and make us partially give up.

A medical technologist tests a respiratory panel at Northwell Health Labs
Faith and arrogance in times of the coronavirus crisis

When the world experiences unprecedented crises, people seek answers.

Travelers wearing masks chat in the arrivals terminal after Israel said it will require anyone arriv
The coronavirus fear factor – comment

Israelis don't like to admit that we don't have the answers for every puzzle, and we definitely don't like to confess that we're scared.

China is no role model for coronavirus containment - or anything else

Since the explosion of coronavirus cases in Wuhan, the Chinese government drastically cracked down to stop the spread of the potentially fatal virus. But what about just prior to that?

President Rivlin meets with Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz about forming a government
Israel needs an emergency unity government to deal with the coronavirus

COVID-19 has already dealt devastating blows to Israel’s travel, tourism and entertainment sectors. However, the impact on Israel’s economy will be far wider.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives for a speech at his Jerusalem office, regarding th
Coronavirus: Israel's counterterrorism policies on virus containment

'We are in a state of emergency, but that does not mean the State of Israel can be turned into a surveillance state.'

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