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WHAT DID you enjoy reading last year?
Best books of 2019

Here are my recommended 2019 books.

A PALESTINIAN security member look across the border at Egyptian flags from southern Gaza
Dancing to the tune of Hamas: Egypt, Israel and Gaza

Would a long-term truce with Hamas be compatible with the interests of Israel, Egypt and Hamas, ensnared in the web of their common borders?

The erasure of memory at Birkenau

The Birkenau Church is in violation of a 1972 UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Culture and Natural Heritage. Auschwitz is on that heritage list.

AN IDF soldier patrols the border area between Israel and Jordan at Naharayim, as seen from the Isra
Recommendations for restarting Israel-Jordan relations

We present a list of key recommendations the next Israeli government can take to restart the relationship with Jordan.

POPE FRANCIS – a call to unite together in the battle against antisemitism
A message to Pope Francis

Let us unite together in the battle against antisemitism and hate and win the day for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

POLICE TAPE at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh
We’re in this fight together, Jews and Muslims

Antisemitism, Islamophobia and other types of ethnic or religious animosities will never go away.

THE JORDAN VALLEY – calls to annex it are a provocative political act
Do not annex the Jordan Valley

This is a desperate attempt by Netanyahu, a fugitive, to divert the public’s attention away from discussion of his terrible request for immunity from prosecution.

Vocalis Health
Our voice as a window to our health

Vocalis Health offers an ingenious approach that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to tap into the voice as a vocal biomarker for providing the least costly and most efficient healthcare.

The survivors of the Holocaust matter

Today, we can only learn the lessons of that era and make sure that it never happens again. While we commemorate the history, it is important to continue to honor the living.

THEN-PRIME MINISTER Ariel Sharon in 2002 in Tel Aviv sits under a picture of Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a key
Exploring, debunking ‘Hebrew fascism’

Historian Dan Tamir uncovers controversial trends in the pre-state era, but exonerates Jabotinsky.

Why the World Zionist Congress elections matter

The stakes are extremely high and that is why more and more organizations and activists have entered the fray for this year’s election.

The Israeli left is dead. Can Jewish and Arab cooperation save it?

Among the Jewish population in Israel, the traditional ideals and policy priorities of the left are not realistic or particularly pressing.

A powerful message at the Fifth World Holocaust Forum

With presidents, prime ministers, kings, crown princes, parliamentary speakers and more, the event is truly a historic one for Israel, which has never had so many foreign dignitaries visit at once.

Honoring Holocaust victims means fighting antisemitism

The significant gathering of leaders at Yad Vashem this week presents an opportunity to examine what has been accomplished since the 2005 UN resolution in the fight against antisemitism.

You can’t be a feminist and not be a Zionist

In the same way Zionism necessarily demands that Jews become the masters of their own fate. So too, does feminism.

‘WHAT ARE the effects, in Israel, in the US, and the rest of the world, of the perceived opinions of
Unelected ‘leaders’ can’t represent American Jewry

Among the current leaders of prominent American Jewish or Zionist nonprofit organizations, there are 10 who have held the same position for 30 or more years.

Auschwitz 75 years later: Universal lessons

The World Holocaust Forum 2020, Remembering the Holocaust: Fighting Antisemitism, comes at an important moment of remembrance and reminder, of bearing witness and of action

The time the CIA took a terrorist to Disneyland

In 1969, the CIA opened up a back channel with the PLO, which was then considered by the US and others to be a terrorist group.

Senate Republicans are Trump's Kool-Aid soldiers

The biggest joke in Washington is Trump’s defense that his refusal is based on his desire to protect the presidency for all those who will hold the office in the future

Prejudices and ignorance among Israeli settlers in the West Bank

The main, by far, obstacle to Palestinian economic development is the Israeli occupation and its strangling impact on the Palestinians.

Reservists on Duty and Students Supporting Israel hold a protest outside the Students for Justice in
Antisemitism has become a daily part of college life

Modern antisemitism does not always resemble the discrimination faced by our ancestors; on college campuses, it is often masked as criticism of Israel and anti-Zionism.

MEDOFF WRITES that FDR refused to bomb railways leading to Auschwitz (Pictured: Railways to Auschwit
75 years after World War II, Jews deserve freedom from fear, too

Despite being able to defend ourselves and determine our own destiny, we have not yet achieved freedom from fear.

Palestinian Authority fights Jews to ‘defend’ all humanity

The pervasive Palestinian antisemitism is the direct result of the PA’s teachings.

US President Donald Trump meets with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office.
Don't let the 'Deal of the Century' muddle with Israel's political mess

Trump has proven to be a savvy leader who knows that timing can be everything.

On being Jewish and naked in a German sauna

The Holocaust is also on the minds of many Germans. Their unwavering support for Israel is deeply rooted in history.

Grapevine January 22, 2020: Holocaust remembrance in focus

Despite the cold and heavy rain in Jerusalem, all the chairs that had been set out between the bookcases and the display counters were filled.

Garegin Nzhdeh monument, Yerevan
At Auschwitz liberation tribute, Israel should study tale of two monuments

The Germans continue to acknowledge, confront and apologize for their dark past. In contrast, Lithuanians, Armenians, Poles and others are rewriting and distorting their roles in this tragic history.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in th
Turkey's elite unsure whether Soleimani was hero or war criminal

Underscoring the absence of any clear position, Erdogan’s spokesperson called on all sides to act with “common sense,” and the Turkish Foreign Ministry invited “restraint and discretion.”

Ethics and justice in killing Soleimani

Justice requires a trial in a court and a sentence. Ethics is right versus wrong behavior.

Ethiopian Israelis celebrate the holiday of Sigd in Jerusalem on November 27
Ethiopian Jewish brethren

As far back as the early 1970s, then-Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef had ruled that members of the ancient Beta Israel community were indeed Jewish

Who recalls the four heroic Auschwitz escapees?

The four not only planned their escapes together, they eventually linked up in Czechoslovakia. There they wrote a first-hand, detailed, eyewitness report of the mass murder underway inside the camp.

Poland's President Andrzej Duda delivers a speech before the official start of a march marking the 1
Is Israel snubbing Poland to placate Putin?

Since canceling the Visegrád summit in Israel, ties between the two natural allies do not seem to have improved

plane crash at the Boryspil… REUTERS 19/01/2020 12:16 IRAN-NUCLEAR/IAEA FILE PHOTO: An Iranian flag
Who wants a regime change in Iran, and how far will they go for it?

Between the Iranian population and the US administration, opposition has only gotten louder.

10 trends in Israel’s regional foreign policies, July-December 2019

The Mitvim Institute maps key trends in Israel’s regional foreign policies, based on monthly reports that monitor ongoing developments

The Lounge January 21, 2020: Chelsea commemorates Holocaust Remembrance

The club commissioned a huge painting by British-Israeli street artist Solomon Souza, commemorating three prominent footballers who were sent to extermination camps

A participant wears a Trump "Make America Great Again" yarmulke as they attend a White House Hanukka
Reality Check: The Holocaust conference’s missing guest

Since Trump became president, there has been a startling increase in attacks on American Jews.

Bad vibes in the US House of Representatives

When Warren, a left-winger herself, in the wake of the killing of Qasem Soleimani rightly called him a great mass murderer she was immediately raked over the coals.

Everyone must serve

For solidarity, there needs to be a sense that everyone shares in carrying the burden.

January 19, 2020: Double-crossing the Finnish line

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

Think About It: Blue and White has an election platform

Israel is the parliamentary democracy in which there is the highest rate of private legislation – around 50%.

Overhead view of Beersheba
Don’t label us a periphery

The time has come for a genuine national plan that will offer those living in “the periphery” something more than just shortening the time they are stuck in traffic.

THE EXTERIOR of the synagogue in Trikala was recently daubed with antisemitic graffiti.
Greece experiences antisemitism ahead of Greek Holocaust Remembrance Day

Greece will commemorate again this year the Memorial Day to the Greek Jewish Martyrs and Heroes of the Holocaust on January 27.

‘Black January’ became the starting point of Azerbaijan’s independence

Despite bloody events in Baku, the day of January 20, 1990, became a page of heroism in the history of the struggle for the independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

An empty classroom
Is it really the best school or is it just a good filter?

Where will you send your child to school next year?

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN speaks as former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders listen at Dr
The radicalization of the Democratic Party

If Israel and its supporters are to begin challenging negative attitudes toward the country on the Left, they must begin to speak the language of the Left.

1944 EDITORIAL CARTOON by Eric Godal reflects that numerous attacks in New York City were antisemiti
Making excuses for antisemitism, then and now

Sadly, some things never seem to change – including the excuses that some people make for antisemitic thugs.

YOUNG SURVIVORS of Auschwitz – how do you explain the inhumanity of the Nazis and their collaborator
Remembering the horrors of Auschwitz 75 years after the liberation

More than fifty world leaders will arrive in Israel’s capital to commemorate 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.

Keep up the fight

It is one thing to adopt a definition of antisemitism. It is another thing to start enforcing that definition and hinging state funding for organizations on their decisions to adopt it or not.

antisemitic poster
The narrative of intersectionality fails Jews

Identifying Jews as white in the context of American history is not only a perversion of the Jewish past but a denial of its peoplehood.

Reflecting on Raoul Wallenberg’s fate 75 years after his disappearance

On January 17, 1945 – 75 years ago – Raoul Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviet military intelligence apparatus, never to be seen again.

Stepping back from the brink

President Donald Trump’s order to kill Qassem Soleimani is one of the most reckless acts taken by a president.

SEPHARDI CHIEF Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
Know Comment: What’s Yitzhak Yosef’s strategy?

One must wonder what Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef was thinking when last week he launched into a tirade against non-Jewish Russian immigrants to Israel.

Iran’s strategic mistake: Too many enemies

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hitler was delighted. Japan, as an ally, he reasoned, was going to attack the Soviet Union from the East.

PRINCE HARRY And Meghan Markle ride a horse-drawn carriage after their wedding ceremony at St. Georg
On rulers and royal flushes of embarrassment

My Word: This being 2020, when even discussion of the weather is political, the decision by Harry and Meghan (we’re all on first-name terms now) quickly became split along Left-Right lines.

Neda Soltan
Right from wrong - Neda Soltan’s message from the grave

Neda was among the millions of Iranians of all walks of life who had taken to the streets of Iran to protest the regime representative’s false claims of victory.

Leave Iran to the Americans

The removal of Iranian IRGC Maj.-Gen. Qasem Soleimani in an efficient, limited action by the US on January 3, was a praiseworthy move.

How Naftali Bennett played his cards right

IF YOU needed an example of how the political wheel works, all you had to do was watch the dramatic last-minute developments at the Knesset on Wednesday night.

Religious Zionists do not feel their faith needs any political help

‘Does it sound logical?” wondered Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. “Imagine an American congressman hanging in his living room the picture of a man who murdered tens of Jews in a synagogue.

Iran’s role after Soleimani

Why is Nasrallah suddenly meddling in Iraqi politics.

Encountering Peace: Maybe next time

It is not only Arab voters who are deeply disappointed with the construct of the merged list. Israel needs a new vision and pragmatic camp of leaders.

Labor Party’s swan song

Labor and Meretz are at a political crossroads.

FILE PHOTO: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pray n
Squeezing Iran

Much debate has been conducted over whether the world is safer now, and many liberal Americans have been shuddering in their shoes over the likelihood of Iranian retaliation.

Watching television (Illustrative)
MEDIA COMMENT: Self-interest

In defense, the KAN people claimed that Seeing the World is no longer needed.

Washington Watch: The imminent threat behind the Soleimani killing

As administration rationales seemed to shift hourly, Trump dropped “imminent” (which he misspelled “eminent”) and insisted “it doesn’t really matter because of his horrible past.”

A US FLAG flies in front of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York, October 2013
Immigration: Is the ‘melting pot’ separating?

Ironically, the concept of America being a “melting pot” was created back in 1909 by a British Jew who wrote a play about a fictional Russian-Jewish immigrant intent on moving to the United States.

National-religious rabbinical association Tzohar
Tzohar rabbis: Happy, halachic, and in love with the Jewish people

The media are wrong: Politics isn’t always the answer – leadership is.

Vladimir Putin’s surprise visit to Syria delivered an unequivocal message

Meeting with Assad sent clear messages to the countries of the region.

Lightning strikes over the Mediterranean sea during a rain storm near the city of Ashkelon
The storm's rainbow

From all the stories that have emerged in the aftermath, it’s become evident that the storm could have been worse

Tel Aviv University students on campus
Academia is also turning its back on peace

The decision of Tel Aviv University to close the Steinmetz Center is worrying for several reasons.

Letters to the Editor January 15, 2020: Criminal ICC

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say

Grapevine January 14, 2020: A lapse of memory

Acre is a pearl in the Land of Israel, a paradigm for others in that it exemplifies the fact that people of different faiths and cultures can live together in harmony.

Ben Helfgott is knighted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace
Holocaust Memorial Day: Israel to honor survivors

“We are building a global coalition of leaders who can send a strong message that will resonate around the world."

Bret Stephens
The myth of Jewish privilege and intellectual superiority

Ironically, if there is indeed a secret to Jewish genius, it’s precisely that Jews don’t believe the brain is an operating system you download from your parents

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addresses a news conference in the Press Briefing Room at the St
The Palestinian Authority must change their approach

Palestinian rejectionism of the Jewish state, not the settlements, is the driving force of the prolonged Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Labor leader Amir Peretz and Meretz chairman Nitzan Horowitz
Political parties are better together

In an election, every vote should count

Funding Lebanon is funding Hezbollah

Lebanon’s “parliament, government, president, and all of the other state institutions are nothing more than a façade for players directed by [Hassan] Nasrallah.”

American grand strategy: Qatar and Saudi Arabia

The truth is the time has come for the US to downgrade Saudi Arabia as its main strategic partner. To fill the gap, the US can reinforce its relations with Qatar.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi
India and Israel should develop options in tech industry

In the last few years, several cases came to the surface in which the source of incitement, hatred and encouragement for violence were some popular tech products and their social media platforms.

Attendees of the "No Hate No Fear" rally against antisemitism, Jerusalem, January 5, 2020
How to respond to the NYC antisemitism crisis

Reflections from a Brooklyn Jew

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a cabinet meeting, December 2019.
Think About It: Immunity versus ‘anyone but Bibi’

Members of the coalition can only complain that the opposition offers no clear alternatives.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the media at the Knesset, Israel's parliament, i
Unbearable hypocrisy

Yinon’s defenders say that he is weighing procedural matters, of the kind that are at the core of his job.

January 13,2020: Black mark on hatred of Jews

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

GRAVES DESECRATED with swastikas are seen at the Jewish cemetery in Westhoffen, France.
Jews should define antisemitism

Imagine if the voice of a white person was valued over a black person in speaking out against brutality against the black community.

Protestors in Iran
Iran is not a rational enemy

The Islamic Republic is engaged in a version of the Game of Thrones in which the iron throne is Mecca and Medina.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers a statement about Iran flanked by U.S. Defense Secretary Mark E
Donald Trump: Rogue leaders never calculated he would be this strong

What President Trump did was to make it perfectly clear to the largest terrorist regime worldwide that it was a zero-sum game; that Americans would not be besieged on his watch without consequences.

Where are African-American leaders condemning antisemitism?

After the Jersey City attacks, some local blacks despicably blamed Jews for living in the neighborhood and thus supposedly causing the attack.

THOUSANDS OF New Yorkers gather in Foley Square last week at the No Hate. No Fear. solidarity march
Fighting antisemitism: We can’t win this battle without friends

As a successful ethnic group in America, we should be able to withstand these attacks and see them as only glancing blows in an otherwise very positive picture of our place in American society.

Lessons from my Bubbe’s doorstep

In what became a formative moment of my life, glaring into my eyes, she punctuated every word with her calloused finger wagging in my face: “We’re not Lithuanians. We are Jews.”

IDF Northern Command widescale drill, December 17, 2019
Israel should trust the sword over the pen

Every time Israeli leaders have trusted the pen over the sword it has ended in bloodshed and destruction, as in Oslo.

Simon Rawidowicz vs. Ben-Gurion on the question of ‘Israel’

While Ben-Gurion’s belief that the Diaspora would disappear is undermined by existence of millions of Jews in countries outside Israel, Rawidowicz’s argument has suffered over the past six decades.

The EU-PA/PLO strategy to destroy Israel

The European Union and the Palestinian Authority have developed a plan to destroy Israel.

ALESTINIANS PASS through at checkpoint at the Kalandia crossing in Jerusalem
It’s not just ‘leftists’ who support a two-state solution

The two-state solution should not be considered to be a partisan issue, but rather an issue over different values.

Malka Leifer
Justice moving forward

The continued delay in ruling on the Malka Leifer case has strained Israel’s ties with its close friend Australia.

Israel: The boneheaded and the brilliant?

What this week’s rains have shown is that solutions need to be found to the mundane challenges, even though laying drainage pipes might not be as exciting as developing algorithms for a laser sword.

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