December 21, 2016: Starving for justice

'Your readers will find a recent Globes Israel item “Package ‘em small, sell ‘em high” of great interest. It points to the obscene and unjustifiable profits made in Israel...'

December 20, 2016 21:32

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Starving for justice
Referring to the report by welfare and education correspondent Lidar Gravé-Lazi (“One in five Israelis lives in poverty,” December 16), I’m sure like most of your readers, we are horrified that 20% of our population cannot afford what in a Western society like Israel, is taken for granted.

Furthermore, the LATET poverty report points to worse stats, by adding that Israel is the poorest of the Western countries and with the widest gaps between the rich and the poor.

Your readers will find a recent Globes Israel item “Package ‘em small, sell ‘em high” of great interest. It points to the obscene and unjustifiable profits made in Israel by the manufacturers of branded packaged goods such as green tea, cookies, bamba, chewing gum and chocolates.

It cannot be denied that there is a direct connection between poverty in Israel and exorbitant Our weak consumers, however, cannot be absolved of blame in this abuse as they connive in their own exploitation by not objecting to this violation, and allowing themselves to be milked for the enrichment of large corporations bent on making a killing.

By turning their backs on the big well advertised names and going for lesser known brands, consumers can and must fight back against being manipulated, stung or even starved by heartless non-Zionist big business, and thus form a fairer, healthier and more just society.


Plain language
The Jerusalem Post is to be commended for the cogent editorial regarding the Knesset Finance Committee approving the third apartment tax. (‘Bad tax’, December 19, 2016).

The last sentence of the editorial notes that rather than dealing with the regulations surrounding the supply of property, “it is easier to pass a bill that infringes on the property rights of hardworking citizens.”

In plain English, it is easier to pass a bill that “steals from hardworking citizens.”

In the same issue, on the same topic, we learn that opposition factions have accused the coalition of “sodomizing public funds” (“Opposition lawmakers to petition High Court over vote on third apartment tax”).

The definition of sodomize is to perform unnatural sexual intercourse on a person, so the opposition should also learn to use correct, plain language.

In other words, this poorly thought out legislation is...

“screwing” the 54,000 citizens who, ill advisedly, it seems, invested in Israel and not in property abroad.

Hopefully, it is not too late for the judiciary to put matters right, and deal with this sorry mess, in plain language.


Lost his way
How disillusioning it is to see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failing to address the dire situation at the Western Wall while floating around the world practicing diplomacy abroad, “An Israeli PM in a Muslim country,” December 18, Comment.

He really gave the impression that the rights of the majority of Jews of the world to pray at the Kotel were going to be addressed, but he has abandoned his statesmanlike role and is now kowtowing to religious extremists who are dragging this country down in the eyes of the whole world.

Diaspora Jews are already looking away from Israel. Why would they want to support this country let alone think of coming to live here! As a result, Ben-Gurion Airport is already losing its bustling vibe – and David Ben-Gurion himself probably doesn’t rest easy! His legacy of tolerance is being tainted by a bunch of bigots who are an insult to the religion they claim to espouse. They are annihilating aliya.

We alienate the Jews of the world and ignore them at our peril because they are as Jewish as our narrow minded so-called “religious” politicians are. They have supported our State of Israel for many decades with love and untold financial support.

When will Netanyahu start to care about his own people? He has really lost his way!

No service
Regarding the December 20 report “Rehovot is city with highest household income,” Rehovot may have a high average income but the article by welfare and education correspondent Lidar Gravé-Lazi doesn’t mention the high municipal taxes we pay.

We get poor city services in return for high city taxes in spite of our “high income.”

Our streets are in poor repair and the sidewalks are the same. The trash and clean up of city streets is deplorable.

So high income notwithstanding, it does not mitigate our lack of city services.

Ness Ziona, just next door to us, is a jewel! Streets are level and uniform, you do not see trash and discarded clothing lying the streets as we see in Rehovot.

And when the Post will investigate the ongoing tug of war with the city and the shuk the readers will be exposed to an additional seamy side to our “high income” city.

The writer is a concerned citizen of Rehovot.

Noblesse oblige

Regarding ex-president Moshe Katsav’s potential early release, “Parole Board grants Katsav early release,” December 19, if he didn’t do it, as he keeps claiming, his every day in jail is an injustice.

I don’t see how an early release is going to make a real difference then. If he’s innocent, let him sit out his punishment with dignity.

Too many villains who were caught claim that they are the true victims. He should avoid looking like them.

He has no empathy at all with rape victims. This profile does not mean that he is a rapist but it certainly doesn’t plead for him either.

If he had any feeling for others, he would not have his request for an early release flash in the media all the time.

Everyone has the right to be self-centered, but not in a plea for clemency.

Jail is terrible but this argument should not be reserved for a high-profile rapist, noblesse oblige.

To release him early smacks of class justice and the old-boy network.

It cheapens and desecrates the image of our justice system.

No way should he sit one day less than for what he was convicted.

ROBIN H. KOHEN Jerusalem

Cruel juxtaposition
So President Reuven Rivlin denies a plea for clemency by Yonatan Heilo (Rivlin denies Heilo’s appeal, News in Brief, December 19), who was convicted of manslaughter after killing the man who had repeatedly raped him, tormented him and blackmailed him.

He is to serve the remainder of his 12-year prison sentence.

Juxtapose Heilo’s fate with that of our former president, Moshe Katsav. An unrepentant rapist, Katsav will have served a measly five years in prison after having been granted early release.

My heart aches for Heilo, as he was not protected from his rapist and is now abandoned by his government. It aches for the messages being sent to all rape victims.


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