June 13: Readers react to presidential election

It is clear that the Left is the loser, since it did not reach 50 percent, even with the Arab votes.

June 12, 2014 22:48
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Sir, – Mazal tov to Reuven Rivlin (“Reuven Rivlin elected Israel’s 10th president,” June 11).

The result of 63/53 out of a total of 116 votes marks a definite majority.

It is clear that the Left is the loser, since it did not reach 50 percent, even with the Arab votes. In spite of this, many journalists find reasons to minimize the victory and continue to search for criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Where is the fair medium that will not manipulate us to believe that Rivlin’s victory means Netanyahu’s failure? The Jewish people in Israel want exactly what Netanyahu and Rivlin stand for: a Zionist, Jewish and democratic Israel.

Israel, as such, is standing in balance on our slippery globe and doing relatively well.

Ramat Gan

Sir, – The Knesset election for president was an embarrassment. Since it was only politicians voting for other politicians, the outcome was predictable.

And since politicians are often subject to bribe-taking and underhanded maneuvers, this is what we might expect from any elected president.

If candidates like Nobel laureate Dan Schectman and retired Supreme Court justice Dalia Dorner are to have any real chance to contest the election, the whole process must be thrown open to the electorate and made transparent.


Sir, – I see people dancing in the streets, flags in every house, people full of joy because we have another politician as president, voted in by politicians.

The citizen had no vote and no voice in the game – only the exclusive Knesset Club.

Might yet another politician be on the way to court, suspected of corruption? From an ex-prime minister to an ex-president, as well as ex-cabinet ministers, mayors and MKs, a lot of them have been in jail, and others are on their way.

Nobody can imagine how happy I am that we have still another politician as president.

Rishon Lezion

Sir, – Think of all the trees that were destroyed over the past several months to provide the newsprint for one of the major non-events in the history of the State of Israel – the election of a president.

We suffered massive coverage of this pseudo election to the near exclusion of far more important events like the international dog show, the effect of crop dusting on perennials, the measure of success in combating juvenile texting in school classes, and other far more momentous topics.

Just think: The election of our honored president is effected not by popular vote, not even by Knesset districts, but by a group of semi-non-entities selected for office in back-room deals. Some democracy! I weep for the loss of the trees.


Sir, – I wonder if the irony of your two main headlines on June 9 was intended. One said: “Peres’s prayer at Vatican: We all need peace... peace between equals.” The other said: “Knesset to elect president tomorrow as originally planned.”

Perhaps the election of Reuven Rivlin went as planned, at least concerning public opinion. However, it did not for the prime minister, nor, it would appear, for more than half of the Knesset’s MKs, who did not vote for Rivlin during the first ballot.

As to the second news item, Rome, and its heart, the Vatican, represent the power that sent Jews into the Diaspora 2,000 years ago. It was unseemly for the Jewish president of the Jewish state to kowtow to a pope, however well-intentioned.

Prayers for peace, even if offered by an avowedly non-religious president and a non-pacifistic Palestinian leader, should be offered in Jerusalem.

President-elect Rivlin’s past record indicates that he will bear the torch of Israel’s regained sovereignty proudly.

Petah Tikva

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