June 17: Readers react to the three missing yeshiva students

With regard to IDF targets Hamas as PM says group took the boys,” it is time for Israel to institute the death penalty for convicted Palestinian murderers.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Readers react to the three missing yeshiva students
Sir, – With regard to IDF targets Hamas as PM says group took the boys” (June 16), it is time for Israel to institute the death penalty for convicted Palestinian murderers.
We are at war with an implacable enemy who wants nothing less than the destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jew.
There are numerous arguments for not instituting the death penalty, but they hardly apply in regard to such hostile and hateful people.
It has been suggested that every convicted Palestinian murderer be sentenced to death, with implementation deferred. If anytime in the future an Israeli is killed by a terrorist, then the prisoner who is first in line should be immediately executed, his body cremated and his ashes scattered over the sea, with no publicity at all.
The Arabs have got to know this and the world, too, must be told. Every potential terrorist will then know that he will never be released and that the likelihood of his execution might be imminent, without any publicized martyrdom. Whether or not it would be a deterrent is a question, but at least fewer terrorists would be around.
Petah Tikva
Sir, – Regarding “‘We’ve been kidnapped!’ one of the boys phoned police” (June 16), why can’t Israel Police Insp.-Gen.
Yohanan Danino simply say, “From what we know at this point it appears that there was gross negligence by the police.
We must change the attitude of the police so that nothing like this ever happens again. Along with doing whatever is possible to find these boys, I am committed to punishing those responsible for this negligence and making those changes as soon as is possible.”
Until Danino, at the top of the whole system, is willing to admit that there is a major problem with the attitude of the police, it is hard to see how things will change and improve at the bottom.
Beit Shemesh
Sir, – I remember seeing an excellent public service announcement on TV in which a young settler, kippa on his head, stands by the road hitchhiking. A car pulls up. He opens the door, peers inside and sees a man who looks like an Israeli, speaking Hebrew and offering him a lift.
He gets in and as they start moving, someone pops up from behind and puts a knife to his throat. So I was shocked to read that the three missing teens had caught a ride from a hitchhiking post in Gush Etzion.
A hitchhiking post in the middle of the most dangerous area for hitchhiking! Is this logical or utter madness? Did those who are responsible for putting up the hitchhiking post say the sometimes fatal words: yihyeh beseder (it will be okay)?
Kfar Shmaryahu
Sir, – The police excuse that the phone receptionist was young and inexperienced is no excuse at all. An analogy from my own line of work: Most of the time the weather is bland. It is rarely life threatening, but when it is, the forecast needs to be correct.
My company, too, could place at the forecast desk a young and untrained teenager. She could simply look out the window and assume that today’s weather will be repeated tomorrow – just like the police assumption (apparently) that all kidnapping calls are a hoax. This, like the police attitude, can lead to tragedy.
The writer is a senior lecturer in earth science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and CEO of Weather It Is, Ltd, a weather and climate forecasting service
Sir, – The government has approved residential construction in various locations in Judea and Samaria. It necessarily follows that the residents of each and every location should be serviced by a normal level of public transportation. Wake up, government! LIONEL BURNLEY Jerusalem Sir, – The minister of transportation needs to take care of the needs of all citizens by allowing 24/7 bus service throughout the country.
More buses on the roads means less danger – no need for hitchhiking, fewer cars, fewer road accidents. There are probably a lot of drivers who are willing to work at night, and there non- Jews who can drive on Saturday.
Sir, – As the grandmother of an Israeli who has been missing in India for the past five years, I think I know how the parents of the three boys feel. I must ask some questions though.
1. Why was the army not informed until several hours later, and why did the police wait? 2. If we know the boys were kidnapped and taken through Hebron, where are the security camera photos of the car or cars? 3. If one of the boys called for help, how come no one could trace the call? We are supposed to be such an advanced country.
What is the matter with us? Let us get out and find these boys today, not tomorrow.
Sir, – Sherri Mandell’s “Don’t blame the victim!” (Comment & Features, June 16) was a mixture of pious declarations and wishful thinking, totally devoid of the political realities that provide a breeding ground and spawn the inexcusable atrocities we are now witnessing.
Successive governments – perhaps none more than the present dysfunctional administration – have willfully avoided grasping the nettle: how to resolve the status of the West Bank. Two states, one state, the status quo or that old chestnut, the Jordan option, are all canvassed, but none genuinely pursued. Therefore, territory across the Green Line is a veritable no-man’s land in which a few hundred thousand Jews live among 2.5 million Palestinians, a territory where the rule of law has little application and possession rules the day.
If we deliberately choose to live in a state without recognized borders, then terrorist activity will thrive as an inevitable consequence.
Sir, – With the kidnapping of three Jewish Israeli students by euphemistically termed Palestinian “militants,” why am I am completely unsurprised by the utter silence of the UK government, the useless Foreign Office, the despot-ridden UN, the contemptuous EU, the BBC and various media talking heads? The sock puppets of the Left and apologists for terror are already blaming “settlements” and “Israeli intransigence” as the catalyst for this latest outrage, as opposed to the declared intention by Hamas/Fatah of ethnically cleansing (or, in proper terms, the killing) of all Jews “from the river to the sea.”
Once again, it is clear that the only friend Israel has is Israel itself.
I pray for the safe rescue of the three boys and a swift and punitive blow to the terrorists.
Kenton, UK
The writer is chairman of the Harrow branch of the UK Independence Party
Sir, – I’m sorry, but does The Jerusalem Post think that the parents of the kidnapped boys are paying attention to the World Cup soccer championships? Then I don’t think we should, either.
Do you think they’re shopping in the malls for clothing, gifts or whatever? Of course not. Then I don’t think we should, either.
Regular television programs, entertainment, theaters, movies and concerts must be postponed.
Everything should come to a full stop until the young men are brought home safe and sound.
Praying and pledging allegiance are nice, but let’s put some meat into it and show we won’t stand for this anymore.
Bring back our boys now! STUART PILICHOWSKI
Mevaseret Zion