October 23: A misnomer

October 23 A misnomer

October 22, 2009 20:34
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A misnomer Sir, - The Goldstone Report is the alchemist that has recast the lead of rightful Jewish self-defense into the glittering gold of character assassination of the State of Israel, its defense forces and the Jewish people. That's what one gets for ambiguously calling an operation "Cast Lead" instead of the straightforward "Maspik - Enough, already" ("Goldstone to be focus of visiting dignitaries at Peres conference," October 20). MIRIAM L. GAVARIN Jerusalem Leave the UN? Sir, - By its own standards, the UN has proved a colossal failure. It has also long been a whipping post against Israel, but recent events give an extended meaning to hypocrisy. There never will be a chance for Israel to receive a fair hearing in a UN forum. What would Israel lose by leaving the UN? Both pride and dignity demand a consideration of the possibility ("UN Rights Council slams Israel for its 'non-cooperation' with the Goldstone mission," October 18). SIDNEY HANDEL Tel Aviv See and believe Sir, - In "My mission - and motivation" (October 19) Judge Richard Goldstone wrote that he was "surprised and shocked by the destruction and misery [in Gaza]... I did not anticipate seeing the vast destruction of the economic infrastructure of Gaza, including its agricultural lands." I suggest that our Foreign Ministry send the judge a set of videos showing the flourishing hothouses in Gaza's former "Jewish settlements" - including shots of Arabs working there; confirmation of the hothouses being bought for handing over so the Palestinians could continue to make a living from them; and the way Fatah and Hamas "received" the hothouses. Maybe the good judge will then realize how he was hoodwinked by the Gazans and by the prejudiced colleague/s on his panel. EMANUEL FISCHER Jerusalem Test for Vitamin D Sir, - A few months ago, after reading your article about the Maccabi Health Fund stressing the importance of everyone testing for Vitamin D deficiency via a simple blood test ("As ministry dawdles, health fund screens for vitamin D. Maccabi: More than 1⁄3 of blood samples in its labs deficient in this essential vitamin," March 25), I approached my doctor and requested this test. The results showed that I was, in fact, suffering from a deficiency of this vitamin. I was sent to see an endocrinologist, who prescribed vitamin D3 drops. Vitamin D is vital for bone health, in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and in many other health issues. I have now been retested and my Vitamin D level has gone from 19 to 46, which means I am no longer deficient. Had I not read your article, I would have carried on not knowing my bones were softening until it was too late. I want to impress on readers how important it is to be tested for vitamin D - and thank you, Jerusalem Post. ELAINE NADAV (62) Jerusalem

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