20+ Best Wordpress Themes For 2017

Designing a WordPress website or blog? These 20+ WordPress themes provide a low cost way to make an elegant and functional website for any need.

20+ Best Wordpress Themes For 2016 (photo credit: PR)
20+ Best Wordpress Themes For 2016
(photo credit: PR)
The themes available on Themeforest can fit a number of different needs. Use WordPress to make a website that looks like it belongs to one of the largest companies in the world.  

1. Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme: $59, Themeforest

Designed to be a one-size-fits-all theme, Avada makes creating unique, tailored webpages easy and elegant. The versatility of this theme means that buying it pays off in the future when working on different projects too. Avada rounds off with first-class and responsive service to help you make the most of it.


2. X | The Theme: $64, Themeforest

Created for ease of use and to not waste a customer’s time, X makes it simple to see layouts at a quick glance. Nearly two dozen extensions come bundled with X, making this far more powerful than a simple WordPress theme. Integration with popular sharing services increases interaction with readers.



3. Bridge | Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme: $19, Themeforest

Bridge includes a variety of layouts designed to show off collections and portfolios. It includes over 100 demos that can be imported and tweaked. These options guarantee that every website made with Bridge looks different than the last.


4. Uncode | Creative Multi-use WordPress Theme: $59, Themeforest

The designers of Uncode prioritized performance and details that make websites memorable. It includes a powerful web builder toolkit. The grid option specifically re-sizes images in a natural way that makes images equal-size and striking.


5. Newspaper: $59, Themeforest

Newspapers keep losing readership, but online news and blogs using the Newspaper theme join a growing journalism marketplace. Unique SEO tools help draw readers. The layouts and perfectly nested menu systems keep readers on the site looking at more content.

6. Flatsome | Responsive eCommerce Theme: $59, Themeforest

Designed specifically for eCommerce, this elegant user-focused theme features the ability to switch easily between a catalog and normal mode to keep shoppers browsing. It has options for both online-only and physical store websites.

7. Jupiter | Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme: $59, Themeforest

Drag and drop with endless personalized options so every website is unique but all are beautiful. Users will rarely see problems as advanced memory management makes this one of the most stable and fastest WordPress themes. 

8. The 7 | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme: $59, Themeforest

Almost no theme gives as many customization options as The 7. A special design wizard helps the buyer create their own design that fits individual needs but also contains a large collection of already made designs. Each layout updates often to keep ahead of the latest SEO trends.

9. Impreza | Retina Responsive WordPress Theme: $59, Themeforest

This theme is designed specifically to work well with high-resolution retina devices. No other layout looks as clean on iOS and Mac devices as Impreza. Pictures tell a large part of the story and Impreva displays them in a vivid format. Fonts and add-ons to enhance the visuals further work easily with the layout.


10. Sahfia | Responsive WordPress News, Magazine, and Newspaper Theme: $59, Themeforest

A Sahfia-powered WordPress looks like a true competitor to the biggest magazines and newspapers. With a look that translates and scales to PC, tablet, and mobile, users will have a wonderful experience that keeps them coming back. It also works in a number of various languages.


11. Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce Theme: $59, Themeforest

With unlimited color options and light and dark options, the Porto plugin makes sure commerce sites using it do not look like anything else on the web. Porto has focused the options to maximize the options for features online stores use, making it easy to show off products.

12. Total | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme: $59, Themeforest

Total focuses on being the only theme that users need. IT includes tools and customization options that make sure, no matter the needed look, Total can make it a reality. The way users change options make on-the-fly live edits a reality, making it an easy task to get the site look just right.


13. Listify | WordPress Directory Theme: $64, Themeforest

Listify knows what directory and listing websites need. By picking a specific niche and focusing on it, Listify has tailored the included back-end tools to make these specific sites more effective and easier to design.

14. LISTABLE | A Friendly Directory WordPress Theme: $64, Themeforest

Directory websites can be difficult to monetize, but LISTABLE makes it easier than ever before. The card system improves both the experience of using the site and the behind-the-scenes way it operates. Free plugins bolster the capabilities by giving more specific tools that designers might need.

15. Shopkeeper | Responsive WordPress Theme: $59, Themeforest

The striking design layouts of Shopkeeper keep the focus on the product. Sleek design sells more products, but also gives enough information to the buyer. With Shopkeeper, elegant solutions make sure that the page presents information as efficiently as possible.

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16. Startit | A Fresh Startup Business Theme: $59, Themeforest

The best layout for start-ups, StartIT, makes professional and youthful websites to attract clients and investors. Dynamic and moving themes attract the eye and make sites stand out. It serves both eCommerce and landing page needs.

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17. Real Homes | WordPress Real Estate Theme: $59, Themeforest

Those who design websites for real estate companies need this theme. It combines a clean interface with powerful search and database plugin aids. The fact that it comes with a customizable search bar that allows users to refine searches saves a lot of time.
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18. KLEO | Next Level WordPress Theme: $64, Themeforest

Social media and sites that focus on connecting companies and users need KLEO, one of the best themes for building communities. KLEO also allows blogs and portfolio websites to empower themselves with connectivity tools.

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19. Mega | Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme: $59, Themeforest

Mega has been one of the best WordPress themes for good reason. Mega not only includes site layout templates, but also includes individual page templates. These options make every moment of the site experience exactly what is needed.

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20. Barcelona | Clean News & Magazine WordPress Theme: $64, Themeforest

This clean theme provides options for making clean and simple magazine layouts. It also allows customized categories, search pages, and other behind-the-scene features. The efficient layouts load and snap to size quickly.

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21. Atelier | Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme: $64, Themeforest

WordPress eCommerce sites made with Atelier grab consumers and keep them engaged. Many of the layouts allow multiple product options to be shown at once, providing more options to grab the eye of potential buyers.

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22. TheFox | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme: $59, Themeforest

TheFox seeks to be a one-size-fits-all solution providing templates and tools for any website. It also has support and tutorial videos so that anyone can design with it.

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The theme that you choose depends on your needs. Themes that serve many different purposes through layouts and plugin variety work for most. But many themes listed also target specific websites and may be better for the type of users they target. Look at the themes available on Themeforest to help you decide.


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