7 Best & Cheapest Pool Tables For 2019

If you need a pool table for your home or establishment, these are some excellent models you can purchase entirely online.

Pool Tables (photo credit: PR)
Pool Tables
(photo credit: PR)
Purchasing a cheap pool table can be easy and affordable now thanks to online retailers. Pool tables can enhance any social space by providing a place for people to congregate, play games, and converse. It can catalyze social interactions or simply function as a decoration to add atmosphere to a room. No matter what reason you have for acquiring a pool table, you can order one now without even leaving your computer or your phone. Each of these models is one of of the best cheap pool tables available online, and can fit all kinds of different niches depending on what exactly you need. Check out these different cheap pool tables and decide which one is right for you.

1. HLC 6ft Green Foldaway Snooker/Pool Table with Snooker and Pool Ball Sets, $369.99, Amazon

If you have a smaller room, then a big drawback to a pool table is the space they consume. This model does away with that issue by conveniently folding for easy storage. When no one’s playing, the table can slide into a corner or a closet to make room for other activities. Setup is easy though, so you can get a new game going in a snap.
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2. Hathaway Fairmont 6' Portable Pool Table, $215.42, Amazon


Not only does this table fold easily, but it has a small frame size that makes it ideal for portability. This one can easily go into a van or the back of a truck. Does the party need to move to a new location or to a different room? That is no problem with this table. Just fold it up and carry it wherever it needs to go, from the bar, the basement, the porch, or the living room.
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3. Mini Folding Pool Table, $120.15, Amazon

There’s portable, and then there’s truly mobile. This pool table sacrifices the full size of other models in order to become the most movable table possible. This may not substitute a standard table for everyone, but it gets the job done for the billiard player who just wants to have fun knocking cue balls around. Aside from the table, all other components are standard size, so it still feels like a regular game of pool.
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4. Mesas De Pool Y Mesas De Billar - Mesa De Billard Y Mesa De Pool - Pool Tables for Sale, Amazon

Some of us don’t want compromise, and anything less than a full pool table just won’t do. This pool table comes in the standard size for real pool games. It is more than just functional, though. The shiny wooden design makes a beautifully classy addition to any room. Even when no one’s playing, it will add to the ambiance. Get this when you want something that will look good anywhere.
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5. HLC 55" Folding Space Saver Pool Billiard Table, $189.99, Amazon

This portable table is as compact as it gets without becoming miniature. It’s smaller than a standard table, but still large enough to enjoy a full game of billiards without feeling cramped. It also folds up quite easily for stashing inside a closet or against the wall. The balls and cues are standard quality for a pool table as well, so it will still feel just like playing anywhere else.
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6. Fat Cat Tucson MMXI 7-Foot Billiard Game Table, $599.99, Amazon

This the one for anyone who wants a classy, full-size, table but also values modern design. Instead of carved wood, this table has a sleek, design with neon blue and black coloring that feels inspired by arcades. One convenience offered by this model is the ball return on the end, so there is no more walking around looking for the balls in each pocket. Put this one in your room to give people a place to play pool as well as set a statement about your style and atmosphere.
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Which pool table is best for you may depend on your specific needs. If your space is valuable and limited, then the foldable pool tables may be ideal. If portability is your top priority, then the mini table is what you will need. If you want you and your guests to have the full billiard experience, however, then go with a full-sized Fat Cat model. The floor space it uses will pay off in how much fun it will bring everyone. All of the options are affordable, so you can’t go wrong with any one of these best cheap pool tables.

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