"We are basically a university receiving government financing as a college", says Professor Dan Meyerstein, President of Ariel University Center (AUC). Professor Meyerstein's words can be easily understood after a brief visit to the Center and learning a few facts about its operating budget.

Located in the Samarian Hills in the bustling city of Ariel, AUC is Israel's fastest growing institution of higher learning. It is actively involved in research, with 9 research centers all pursuing cutting edge solutions in science, technology and the social sciences. Besides its 24 programs of study for undergraduates, it offers graduate degrees in 6 departments. Its student population has grown from 300 undergraduate students in 1994 to 11,500 today, including graduate and undergraduates students, the Pre-academic Mechina and the "Handesa'im" Design and Technology Center. AUC places heavy emphasis on supporting the success of each of its students and in reaching out to young people from all walks of Israeli society.

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About half of the funding for Israeli universities goes to research. Colleges do not receive research funding, which means they receive about 50% less than universities. AUC continues to be budgeted as a college, although much of its activity involves research. Because of the rapid growth of AUC's student body, many of its students are not subsidized by the authorities.

A 5-year transition period from college to full university status will culminate in July 2012, when AUC is scheduled to receive government allocation for its research. Until then, AUC is able to continue growing and developing due to funding by research grants and donations from philanthropic foundations and individuals.

Prof. Meyerstein adds, "Our strength is in our students – all 11,500 of them, but we also need friends in Israel and around the world to help us stay at the forefront of higher education."

John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States, is quoted as saying, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” AUC has proven that it is poised and ready to become a leader. It needs the resources necessary to inspire more young people.
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