Review - Cash Advance, The Mobile Money Solution.

There are times that you may find yourself in tight financial spots. During such times, you may need money quickly in order to sort out yourself.

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In times of financial stress there may be times where you really need instant cash, these are the times that getting money becomes difficult. Your bank will not be of much help to you since they take too much time to process loans and your friends may have no money on to lend, orjust simply don't feel comfortable loaning you a certain amount of cash. OK, so it seems that you are out of options, and you may want to lose hope. Do not, because there is one solution that may be a solution during these times of financial panic... The solution: Cash Advance.

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What is Cash Advance? I can simply say it is simple emergency mobile money solution. In detail, I can say that Cash Advance is a free mobile service that offers quick loans to customers at very flexible easy to meet terms and conditions. When I say the service is mobile I mean that you as a customer can access this loans through your mobile phone or computer wherever you are, be it work, home,  and even abroad. Cash Advance have a wide variety of loan options that you can choose from, one thing that you can be sure of is that they offer one of the best loan options in the market. They majorly offer short-term loans to their customer lenders.
A piece of financial advice, before you resort to going for short-term loans, consider other available options and only go for it if no other option is available or during unavoidable financial emergency cases. You should also read and understand all the terms and conditions of the loan and decide that you can meet them before taking the loan. You can be sure I have seen a lot of people suffering and regretting that they took a certain loan. Of course, they read the terms and conditions of the loan and found some articles that they thought did not favor them, but since they needed the money, they ended up signing that they accept the terms and conditions. Now they find those terms and conditions as suppressing to them, and they can do nothing about it except follow them.
Cash Advance offer on of the most secure loan request systems you can ever find. The client lender cash loan request is secured with a state of the art high-grade Verisign 256-bit encryption. This is to prevent cyber-based crimes like criminals using a customer's profile to request for a loan illegally. This encryption security system is impenetrable, thus, you can be sure that you are safe with Cash Advance.
Another amazing thing about Cash Advance is that they have loosened their loan qualification protocol. They do not take a strict analysis of your credit type and viability to offer you a loan. This makes it easier for you to access a loan from them during a crisis. Also, you do not need to be physically present in order to have your loan approved. This is just done online. After submitting your loan request, it will just take a few minutes before you are informed of your loan status. That is of you qualify or not. This reply always comes from the customer lender, after which your loan will start being processed.

How does it work?

Cash Advance offers free online loan application service. This service will help you find potential lenders who are ready to loan you their money. The loan application process is pretty simple. You start by filling out their secure online form and make sure you provide accurate information. After you are done, click on the SUBMIT icon.
This information will be used to find you a potential lends, and when one is found you will move on to the next steps. These steps are vital in completing your loan request and ensuring it is successful. You will then be presented with the loan offer available for you. You can either accept or decline the loan after reviewing the terms and conditions of the loan. Always make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions for the loan and only accept them if you can meet them comfortably.

APR rates and other charges.

You need to understand that Cash Advance is not a lender but only acts as a broker between lenders and loan seekers. It does not provide any money as a lender in short-term loans category but only acts as a referee for consumers to lenders who are willing to offer loans. Thus, Cash advance cannot provide an average APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that you will be charged by the lender for the loan you take. The interest rates on the loan you took is determined your lender. Other specified amounts charged are drawn out from the information you submitted to the lender when you were looking for a loan. The lender of your loan determines your APR, loan fees, and other terms of your loan. This is the reason why you should read the terms and conditions of your loan before accepting it as it varies from lender to lender. So do not assume all terms are the same.
The APR for this short-term loans ranges between 200% and 2,290% depending on the on your lender and terms of your loan. The APR is calculated based on nominal versus effective rates, loan period, loan fees incurred, late payment fees, non-payment fees, loan renewal actions, and other factors that may come up during the loan period like depreciation of money value. Many people confuse APR range as the finance charge on your loan, let me clear this APR charge is not your finance charge. Your finance charge will be revealed later on where applicable.
Cash Advance does not take the liability of any transaction between you and your lender. It does not control the transactions or possess any knowledge of any loan details between you and your lender whatsoever. Thus, when you get a loan offer, the decision to accept or decline solely lies with you. Thus, if you are unable to fully repay your loan or make late payments, the actions taken against you will fully depend on your lender and not Cash Advance.

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