Gold IRA Rollover - Securing Your Investment Portfolio

Protecting your hard-earned money is one of the most important parts of saving for your future. When it comes to protecting your retirement portfolio, is a Gold IRA the answer? Should you go for gold

Gold IRA Rollover (photo credit: PR)
Gold IRA Rollover
(photo credit: PR)

Mar, 2016 - Imagine turning your nest egg of retirement savings into Gold. We all want to retire peacefully in the future, but unfortunately with the way the economy tumbles and turns, it is a cause for concern for all of us. So what if you could turn your retirement portfolio into Gold with a Gold IRA rollover, because this is what a lot of people are doing in order to safeguard their future. So, how safe and effective is a Gold IRA as an investment, as you choose to quite literally turn your money into gold… 

What Is A Gold IRA?

A gold IRA or precious metal IRA is a form of an IRA - ‘Individual Retirement Account’ by which you can secure your retirement savings in the form of physical solid gold. The gold is held by a custodian to ensure it’s safety on behalf of the IRA account owner. The gold can be in the physical form of gold bullion bars and gold bullion coins and is the same as an IRA except for the fact your assets are no longer paper assets, such as stocks and shares.

The Global Economic Decline

There are worries glooming over the global stock market as the US economy, well actually, as all the economies worldwide seem to be spiralling into a form of decline and crisis. China which was once thought to be one of the strongest economies has crashed, Japan has decided to flirt with inflation, whilst we see the UK and US stock markets in a truly troublesome time, this week was fairly traumatic for the US stock market in particular. It comes as quite a shock to everyone else, all of us who don’t work in Wall Street and dream of retiring peacefully, even during these crashes. Seeing as our retirement portfolio’s could be in danger, it is important to consider the decisions to be made in order to protect our futures. Is now the time to make investments? How can we protect ourselves from another 401k crisis, which by the way is still in crisis and if you haven’t already rolled your money over into an IRA; it might be something to consider in the very near future.


Up-To-Date Gold Price Charts For Today

In the past three months there has been a surge increase as shown in the graph, and in the price of gold, the general trend is that the price for gold is increasing.


If we take a look at how the price of gold has changed over the past year, you will see it surges and falls, and now we see a dramatic incline, the biggest this year so far. This shows how the price of gold does rise and in the future will continue to rise, if it falls, it is sure to rise again. Gold is a finite material that will always have demand and as long as there is demand there will always be supply. 

The Gold IRA Rollover

Any type of retirement account can be rolled over into a gold IRA in one of 2 ways

 The first alternative is a transfer that can be done at any time with an existing plan as long as the money flows directly from one custodian to another: the distribution cheque must be made in the name of the old custodian, made payable to the new trustee or custodian. These transfers can be made as often as you want.
 The second alternative is the rollover, which occurs when you receive the distribution from an existing retirement account and then turn around and deposit it into another retirement plan custodian account. With this option, you would need to transfer the money over in 60 days otherwise you could risk being taxed. Therefore you can only rollover once every 12 months, otherwise you might be liable for taxes and penalties. 

Rolling over your 401k or other IRAs is simple with a company like Regal Assets. If you invest a minimum of $10,000, you can benefit from fee waivers, spanning from setup and administration of accounts to storage and rollover fees for gold IRAs.

The company's understanding of the nuances of gold IRAs help people roll over their accounts smoothly, with literally no tax implications or legal violations. If you ever change your mind, non-IRA gold investments can be easily liquidated and sold back at the spot price. With the demand for precious metals always on the rise, and the supply never quite sufficient to meet the needs, investments are bound to be relatively profitable when compared to paper-based assets. 

Gold Vs. Inflation

What is inflation? Inflation is defined (source investopedia) as a sustained increase in the general level of prices for goods and services. It is measured as an annual percentage increase. As inflation rises, every dollar you own buys a smaller percentage of a good or service, hence why there are policies to control inflation. Inflations impacts on our standard or living and is an absolute nightmare, this is no secret. With inflation, currencies change, hence why the dollar can’t remain constant as long as there is inflation. Unfortunately, as inflation keeps rising, the price to pay to have the retirement you always dreamed of will only keep rising higher and higher in order to pay for the same quality of life. Which lets be honest, is not fair and inflation is getting out of control.

A View Of The Performance Of The Price Of Gold Over The Last 15 Years:

Lets assess some key points regarding inflation and investing in gold:
⦿ One way to protect yourself against inflation is to invest in gold. 
⦿ If your investments are reliant upon stocks or mutual funds, like with all investments, there are risks associated. The main risk is the possibility of your shares being totally wiped out overnight. In 2008 the economy went into shock as too many people suffered from a market crash, losing everything.
⦿ If they were to have hedged their retirement on Gold, they would have been fine. However, with Gold, there are also associated risks, however they are far lower when compared with paper assets. 
⦿ Risks associated with investing in gold: we can’t predict whether the price of gold will keep appreciating, or depreciate. 
⦿ Gold cannot be destroyed, it is a solid investment, literally
⦿ With gold being a finite material and adored worldwide, it is hard to believe that it can ever depreciate too much, there will always be a demand for gold, with a limited supply, this makes it an attractive investment
⦿ Did you know that all the platinum in the world isn’t enough to fill an olympic sized swimming pool, that just gages on how limited the supply of precious metals really are and why precious metal IRAs are a great investment for a finite material

Another point to consider if you're holding bonds or treasury notes is that these fixed price assets only give a fixed return each year. As inflation spirals faster than the return on these assets, they could become much less valuable. All of these factors point to your buying power going DOWN. Gold has the polar opposite effect... 

Why Go For Gold?
Here are the top five reasons for investing in Gold as an important part of any responsible retirement plan:

1) Diversification

Any portfolio strategist will tell you that one of the most important elements of a solid financial plan is having a diverse portfolio.

 Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, make sure that they're spread out. The beauty of having a basket of golden eggs is that even when according to Forbes, “To be diversified, an investor should have at least a couple of percent of their portfolio in gold...In general, people are poorly diversified and often when they look back at the moments when they have lost more money than they care to remember it is because they held undiversified positions in instruments that went sour. Diversification is the only way to secure wealth and gold is a good ingredient for that.”

2) Gold offers good returns

Gold has consistently offered great long run returns. In the decade after 2001, the metal increased in price from $255 to a high of $1900, a 745% return. Of course, like any asset, prices fluctuate, but gold has proven an excellent return on investment over time. 

3) In an age of financial uncertainty, gold offers safety 

Historically, in times of uncertainty regarding the value of currency, markets have shifted toward safe assets such as gold. Since 2008, central banks around the world have taken extraordinary steps, such as Quantitative Easing, to weather the financial crisis. Nobody is quite sure what the long-term repercussions of those steps will be. Gold offers a solid hedge against inflation or weakening currency because it maintains its intrinsic value. 

4) Demand for gold is on the rise internationally

The middle classes in emerging markets are growing quickly, and with them grows demand for gold, whether for savings or for jewelry. In 2010, India and China consumed over half the world's gold, and in the first nine months of 2013 alone, they bought a collective 1,500 tonnes of the precious metal. That trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, meaning the sooner you buy, the better.

5) The supply of gold is finite

Because gold isn't something that can be manufactured or printed like money, its market supply is determined by mining and by central banks buying and selling their reserves. It takes a good five to ten years to put new gold mines into production, so the supply doesn't fluctuate wildly. 


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What is the Next Step?

If you do decide to do a gold IRA rollover and are investing over $10,000 there are a few things to bear in mind:

⦿ You have to compare the market, because if you are investing over $10,000, you need to get it right! We picked Regal Assets as No.1 because they are dominating the market, with great service and customer feedback. However in order for you to feel like you are with the right company to handle your money, we would reccommend that you search the website, read the customer protection ratings and possibly chat with an advisor live if you have any ananswered questions to ensure that you are fully satisfied before moving forward.

⦿ Call and speak to one of the financial advisors and get a feel of who you speak with, after all they will be dealing with your money so it is important for you to get a feel of who you will be working with. They will be your partner in safeguarding your retirement portfolio. So make sure you like them before moving forward. 

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Final Words

The reasons to invest in gold are there constantly. A good time to invest is available almost at any given moment when it comes to gold and precious metals. As you can probably understand from the reasons above, right now would be an especially good time to rollover your IRA to gold. However, with all investments we should tread carefully and make sure we put our money in the right hands. The number one recommended company for Gold IRA is Regal Assets. Seeing as gold is an ‘alternative investment’ in the respect that a gold IRA is not traded on a public exchange, and requires special expertise to value, in which case Regal Assets are hands on to make the rollover process as smooth as can be.

We have assessed many risks and benefits of investing in a Gold IRA, but always bear in mind that whilst gold has a huge potential to create high returns, don’t just think about the idea of having gold, do remember it is volatile and speak to an advisor at Regal Assets in order to fully understand the process.
Consulting a financial advisor at Regal Assets to find out just how you can best invest your retirement portfolio and safeguard your future for you and your family. The financial advisor with ensure that you meet your personal goals set for your retirement portfolio so click below to find out more. 
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