By purchasing cosmetic brands made in Israel you too will be able to appreciate our cosmetic products that are enriched with natural ingredients such as healing herbs, natural oils, minerals, vitamins and our special approach to combining science and nature. Also you will get a chance to contribute to the Israeli economy and help the companies that suffered the most.  

Long known for its leading edge technology, economic drive and natural resources, Israel now brings to the world something besides electronics and social media. COSMETICA offers all natural beauty products based on Israel’s unique natural resources and its technological know how. However, Israel’s cosmetic industry is not new, in fact, Israel’s cosmetic is one of the top leaders in the world as far as cosmetic quality, it has just been a very well kept secret until now. 

The mission behind COSMETICA is to spread the word about Israeli companies and their products, tell the fascinating stories that go with them and deliver quality brands made in Israel to consumers worldwide, in fact, all the way to their front doors. 

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The strategy is simple-to provide the audience with an opportunity to see, feel, smell and enjoy Israel, through beauty products designed for the face and body as well as the soul. This is an extraordinary taste of Israel, from the Galilee all the way to the legendary Dead Sea. 

By purchasing cosmetic brands made in Israel, more people will be able to appreciate our cosmetic products that are enriched with natural ingredients such as healing herbs, natural oils, minerals, vitamins and the special Israeli approach to combining nature and beauty. 

COSMETICA is a new initiative driven by the Israeli based consulting firm time2market. Claudia Rogel, founder and CEO time2market, came up with the concept the day Operation Protective Edge began

Claudia Rogel: "The world may point a blaming finger towards companies tied to the occupation, and the Israeli industry at general, but we are counting on the strong Jewish community and the Israeli community abroad to give the Israeli brands a fair chance. We even belief that once people experience our unique products, they will come back for more! When it comes to cosmetics Israel is one of the best places in the world for research, development and manufacture. The only obstacle that stood between this fantastic brand and the smart consumers was a geographical distance. Well, that was taken care of thanks to our new website that allows people from all over the globe to purchase holiday gifts made in Israel - online 24/7".

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