What the Paleo Grubs Book Has to Offer You

The paleo diet offers many fabulous benefits, but it can be a daunting lifestyle change. It’s hard to know what ingredients are paleo-friendly, and to research paleo counterparts for ingredient substitutions. The Paleo Grubs cookbook helps bridge this gap by providing almost 500 unique recipe ideas that all conform to the paleo diet. Along with your purchase, you also receive a 10-week meal plan that comes complete with a shopping list. Both are fabulous tools as you adjust to your new paleo lifestyle, and are great reference materials even after you’re feeling confident. Better still, when you buy the Paleo Grubs cookbook, you also receive over 70 additional recipes for desserts and slow-cooker meals.

But this is all before you start following the paleo diet--what happens after you take advantage of the delicious recipes the Paleo Grubs cookbook supplies you with? Fueling your body with healthier food--prepared in creative new ways, thanks to the Paleo Grubs book--will support your overall health and nutrition. Expect to see benefits like increased energy level, weight loss, and an overall “pep in your step.”

One of the most unique aspects of the Paleo Grubs cookbook is the attention to allergies and dietary restrictions that are not paleo-specific. While all paleo-appropriate recipes eliminate grains, dairy, refined sugar, and legumes, the Paleo Grubs cookbook does a fantastic job of recognizing that food allergies don’t stop there. Another version of the cookbook is available that ousts ingredients such as nightshades, nuts, and eggs.


What’s Inside the Paleo Grubs Cookbook

The digital format of the Paleo Grubs book may not appeal to everyone, but it has some fantastic benefits. Providing Paleo Grubs in e-book format keeps the price affordable and also ensures that you will always have the most up-to-date edition available. By the same token, a digital cookbook is easier to browse and search than its hard copy counterparts.

The sheer number of recipes in the Paleo Grubs cookbook is astounding: you could easily feed your family for a year with this cookbook, almost without repeating any recipes! The 470+ recipes in this cookbook are divided among 17 easy-to-navigate sections, including options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. Despite some of the ingredient restrictions the paleo diet poses, the Paleo Grubs cookbook provides alternative recipes for all of your favorite comfort foods. No grains? No problem, because Paleo Grubs has still found a way to deliver staples like Chicken Pot Pie and Strawberry Shortcake.

Perhaps most importantly, savvy cookbook shoppers know that it doesn’t take much to sour an otherwise fabulous collection of recipes. Photos, carefully edited recipes, and clear instructions are all essential. The Paleo Grubs cookbook includes color photographs and precise instructions, all crafted to help make your transition to the paleo diet as easy (and delicious) as possible.


⦿ The freebies: When you purchase a copy of Paleo Grubs, you receive a 10-week meal plan, as well as additional cookbooks that deliver 40+ additional recipes suitable for slow-cooker prep, and 30+ dessert options.

⦿ The additional slow cooker recipes are worth a second mention for busy families who aren’t sure how to make the paleo diet work with their demanding schedules. Having slow-cooker-friendly paleo options makes adjusting to the paleo diet even easier to achieve.

⦿ The product guarantee: The Paleo Grubs team offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, meaning you can try the book risk-free.

⦿ It’s gorgeous: The Paleo Grubs cookbook includes beautiful color photographs that accentuate the easy-to-follow instructions.

⦿ You'll get your nutrients: The recipes in Paleo Grubs have been vetted by a nutritionist, meaning that consumers who are new to the paleo diet can feel confident that their dietary needs are being met.



⦿ E-Book Format: If you prefer your cookbooks in hard copy, Paleo Grubs may not be for you. However, the digital formatting has some benefits: you will always have access to the newest edition of the cookbook, and it is easier to navigate and search through. 

⦿ There’s a lot to sort through: Because of the amount of information provided, a newbie to the paleo diet might start off feeling a tad overwhelmed. However, the organization of the Paleo Grubs cookbook helps newcomers to navigate, and the curated 10-week meal plan serves as a helpful starting place.


Whether you are curious about the paleo diet or a veteran in search of some new recipes to spice up your meals, the Paleo Grubs cookbook has something to offer you. It can be scary to eliminate familiar ingredients from your diet, but Paleo Grubs recognizes some of the unique challenges that come along with transitioning to a paleo lifestyle and provides numerous supports to ease your transition. The cookbook has clearly been crafted with care and the consumer in mind, and helps ensure that even the most persnickety paleo foodie finds a healthier, fitter “you” as soon (and as successfully!) as possible.



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