The Top 10 Best-Reviewed Commercial Paper Shredders

Let’s take a look at the paper shredders with the best reviews.

The Top 10 Best-Reviewed Paper Shredders (photo credit: PR)
The Top 10 Best-Reviewed Paper Shredders
(photo credit: PR)

Sometimes paper shredders don’t make the cut when you need to destroy large amounts of material. Heavier materials are likely impossible to get through the cutter system, and there come times when you need to shred documents made from different materials such as, CD disks, credit cards, and other materials. To solve this problem, you will need to get yourself a heavy duty, industrial grade paper shredder.

1. Swingline Stack & Shred- $650

The Stack & Shred uses industrial grade blades that deliver precision cuts to destroy up to seven documents at time. Simply stack up to 200 papers in the loading bin, and then turn the machine on. What stands out about these models is that you don’t have to wait and shred one-by-one. It also employs a spate blade system that can shred CD’s, credit cards, and envelopes with an auto-jam feature that recognizes any obstructions within the machine.
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2. Fellowes Powershred- $1,330

The Powershred 325Ci cross-cuts all of your sensitive documents at a breakneck speed and disposes of them into an extra-tall bin for less emptying and a 90% faster cutter rate compared to traditional shredders. Its SilentShred feature destroys paperwork quietly, which is especially useful in office settings. Users of the machine also enjoy its SafeSense technology that shuts off the machine as soon as a finger is placed within the loading dock.
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3. SimplyShred PSC418D- $490

At a price 20-50% lower than its competitors, the SimplyShred uses a simple but quick driving mechanism that shreds papers, paper clips, staples, CDs and credit cards. Owners of the product point out its stylish, stainless steel frame that fits in almost any office setting. They also enjoy that it comes fully assembled from the box.
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4. Fellowes 125Ci- $450

The 125Ci shreds papers with loading capacity of 18 sheets. It employs smaller steel blades that cut more in order to prolong the emptying of the bin. Reviewers rave about its capability to destroy credit cards, while still having a compact frame and the usability of a traditional shredder.
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5. HSM Securio AF150- $1,000

This Securio model allows you to stack 150 sheets at once for automatic shredding. It has an exterior light indicator that tells you when the bin is full without having to open it. A standout feature of this product is its dust emissions system, which prevents dust buildup with every use within the machine.
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6. HSM Heavy Duty Office Shredder- $490

The 104.33 CC Heavy Duty Office shredder lives up to its name. At about half the price of the AF150, you can place this compact powerhouse within any office setting for a complete and quick shred of any document. Users of the product state that it works best in a smaller, high-traffic office space.
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7. SentnielTM Pro 30- $190

This product comes in with the lowest price tag on our list. You get a bang for your buck with a transparent bin indicator, a 30 sheet automatic loading capacity, and auto jam detectors. Users enjoy its rounded top finish, which looks like a stylish pillar rather than a bulky machine.
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8. Fellowes Intellishred PS-79CI- $240

Reviewers on Amazon have made it clear that this is the best personal paper shredder available. Perfect for home offices, the Intellishred uses a double cut system that results in tiny, confetti-cut shreds. Its industrial quality blades are guaranteed to last 7 years, and it's the most compact in its class with dimensions of 23” X 16” X 13”. Users enjoy its safety feature that stops the machine when a jam occurs to prevent fires and destroyed parts.
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9. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci- $250

This model is completely automatic, and it focuses on safety above all else. Load the machine with its 18 sheet capacity, and let it do the work for you. It can even shred staples, credit cards, and metallic clips. Reviewers enjoy its enhanced safety that employs an auto-lock loading chamber and shut-off whenever the machine is touched.
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10. Fellowes Jam-Proof 99Ci- $250

This model is nearly identical in price and function compared to the Powershred 99Ci. You get a Jam-Proof system that guarantees not so much as a single paper jam, but you have to sacrifice some of the safety of the Powershred because it does not utilize an auto-lock feature and will only shut off if the opening is touched. This was reviewers’ main critique.
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It’s important to take notice of what you’re getting for your money. A lower price could sacrifice key features, and convenience may sacrifice safety. If you’re looking for a compact Omni-potent heavy duty shredder, then we suggest the Fellowes Intellishred PS-79CI. If you need a bigger, full office solution, then we would recommend the Swingline Stack & Shred.

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