How Pretected Benefits Insurance Consumers and Companies With Innovative Insurance Technology

Pretected offers the latest insurance technology to optimize the way that consumers connect with the best insurance companies

(photo credit: PRETECTED)
In this Digital Age, the rapid evolution of data collection, software, hardware, business processes, and user interfaces has disrupted almost every industry. These technical innovations allow companies to operate more efficiently. At the same time, they help consumers find better and more affordable solutions.
Today, websites like Pretected offer the latest insurance technology to optimize the way that consumers connect with the best companies for auto, health, life and home insurance. Learn how Pretected uses big data, artificial intelligence and insurance-industry expertise to deliver a better insurance experience for both consumers and insurance companies.

How Pretected Connects Insurance Shoppers With the Right Insurance

Insurance professionals and smart consumers know that finding the best insurance requires some shopping around. Consumers may also need guidance to select insurance policies that maximize protection while minimizing costs. empowers consumers with the tools they need to comparison shop and to educate themselves about the products they consider buying. benefits consumers and insurers in multiple ways:
  • The company has access to comprehensive data about local and national insurance markets and insurance shoppers.
  • The online software uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to process the data and match insurance consumers up with the best plans for their own unique needs.
  • At the same time, insurance companies benefit from better conversion rates by having their products displayed to those people who are likely to benefit the most.
  • Presently, offers this smart matching technology for auto, home, health and life insurance. In the future, they plan to add more lines of insurance.

Naturally, no machine will make the final insurance shopping decision. Consumers will still have plenty of choices. In order to help their site visitors make informed choices, the site also offers a proprietary knowledge base with comprehensive and easy-to-digest information about various aspects of insurance. This is a great place to learn from insider tips, definitions of insurance terms and overviews of various kinds of insurance.

Pretected Lets Consumers Shop for Insurance Confidently and Efficiently

Plenty of name-brand insurance carriers have already partnered with Pretected. Of course, the number of Pretected customers has risen even faster. As more customers report their successful experience with the website, Pretected has gained attention from both the insurance industry and the customers they hope to serve. For consumers and companies, is almost like having a full-service insurance broker on call instantly 24-7.