Most famous Israeli poker players

Professional poker players can get rich overnight by competing in major events in casinos or playing poker online.

Eli Elezra (photo credit: Courtesy)
Eli Elezra
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Poker is one of the most lucrative and popular games found in the casino, and it holds the distinction of being an option for players to become professional and join a worldwide playing circuit.  Professionals can get rich overnight in major events either in a physical casino and increasingly they have the option to make their money playing poker online.
Gambling is quite limited in Israel, and it can be difficult to find a poker game in the country, but this has not stopped Israeli citizens from becoming some of the most successful players in the game.  In this article, we will run down some of the top professional poker players to come out of Israel.
Eli Elezra
Eli Elezra is perhaps the most well-known gambler ever to grace the sport of poker.  The Jerusalem-born player moved to the United States to pursue his professional career in the sport, and he has notched three World Series of Poker bracelets to his name.
He has won millions of dollars in prize money, and he has also written several books about his card-playing career.
After the publication of his autobiography earlier this year, Elezra had to respond to several accusations that he owed big debts to several people in the poker world.  Elezra claimed his business was hit hard during the 2007-2008 financial crisis, but he had arrangements to pay off all the debts he owed to other poker players.
David Levi
Known first for his playing days on the football pitch, David Levi is now known as a famous Israeli poker player.  He has earned in the neighborhood of $4 million playing professional poker.
Levi’s football career was cut short by an injury, but he then found poker to itch his competitive streak.  Unlike Elezra, Levi has never won a World Series of Poker bracelet or World Tour of Poker title.
But he has won several other events which have allowed him to rack up a nice winner’s pot during his career of playing cards.
Uri Gilboa
Gilboa is perhaps the least known in the poker game on this list, but he has been making waves in the poker game recently.
Gilboa was the first Israeli to ever win a European Poker Tour Main event when he won the EPT Sochi Main Event in late March.
He is a relatively new name to the world of poker, but with the $439,600 win in Russia, he has cemented himself as one of the premier Israeli poker players.  At 61 years old, he is no spring chicken, but he can still build his profile and reach the heights of other Israeli poker players.