Why choose a tablet over a laptop to manage your business

There’s been a debate in the business world for quite some time now, whether you can replace your laptop with a tablet and run your business more efficiently.

August 26, 2019 11:16
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Why choose a tablet over a laptop to manage your business

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There’s been a debate in the business world for quite some time now, whether you can replace your laptop with a tablet and run your business more efficiently. Tablets today pack much more processing power than back in the day when they first came out and currently they are almost equivalent, if not better, than most low to mid-price range laptops available on the market. Because of the constant advancements in technology, more and more companies are making very powerful tablets and more and more people are forsaking their laptops and turn to tablets.

If you’ve already decided to make the switch to a tablet and you’re here just to find which tablets are best for running your business, a great list of the best business tablets in 2019 can easily be found on ReviewsCon but if you’re not yet convinced here are a few reasons why you should choose a tablet over laptop to manage your business:

1. Convenience

Probably the biggest reason of all is the fact that it’s much more convenient to use a tablet or an iPad instead of a laptop. Just imagine yourself carrying around your laptop along with the charging adapter and mouse everywhere you go because you might need to use it to manage your business. Or you’re sitting in a coffee house and enjoying your coffee break and suddenly there’s an urgent email you need to answer, so you pull out your laptop and struggle to safely place it on the small coffee table just to type an email.
Having a tablet in this situation is way more convenient and easier to deal with and as a bonus, you won’t hurt your back from carrying the heavy laptop around in your bag.

2. Price

An obvious factor would be the price comparison as well. Tablets are usually way cheaper than laptops are which doesn’t make them less useful. Even if you need the tablet to edit large text documents and files and you really need an external keyboard, it’ll still cost less and be way more convenient than getting a large laptop. To find yourself an affordable tablet that will serve your purpose a lot of people use reviews to find the best tablet for themselves.

3. When you travel constantly

Tablets are easy and light to pack and can often pass security without the inconvenience of having to take out your laptop out of your bag and place in a separate box. Of course, as we previously mentioned, because they are lighter and narrower, they won’t take up too much space in your luggage and most airline companies allow the use of handheld PEDs during the flight.

4. Can be used while on the move

They are also convenient when it comes to using them while walking around. They are handheld devices so they can be used for doing, for example, inventory or even getting your groceries and using a checklist you previously prepared. Doing the same using a laptop will be quite hard so getting a tablet is the proper decision.

5. When you don’t have a WiFi signal.

To connect your laptop to the internet you often need a WiFi signal or a cable while particular tablets have can use cell networks like 4G or LTE. This option is really handy when you’re constantly going from one meeting to another because you can stay connected and remain informed of how your business is progressing.

6. Sometimes Apps work better

Occasionally apps designed for the tablets work better than the actual desktop version of it. Some apps offer more options and features to the user on a tablet compared to their laptop counterpart because they were originally developed to fit the needs of tablet users and was later on adjusted to satisfy the audience that prefer using laptops.

7. If you’re doing a lot of reading

If your business requires you to read a lot of articles, blogs or news reports to stay ahead of the competition, getting a tablet is a much better choice. It’s easier to adjust to the position you are most comfortable at, since it’s a device you can easily hold in your hand and freely move around without too much effort.

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