Coronavirus in Israel

Coronavirus (COVID-19) reached Israel in February 2020, but has largely been regarded as one of the countries that has best handled the pandemic. 


The 2019 coronavirus  pandemic, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 novel virus, originated in Wuhan, China before rapidly spreading around the world.


COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease, with a high rate of transmissibility. Symptoms of infection include fever, joint and muscle aches, respiratory distress, loss of the sense of taste, cognitive fog, fatigue, sore throat, and more. Senior citizens are most at risk of dying from the disease, though secondary pre-existing conditions like obesity can make some patients more susceptible to danger. In severe cases, patients undergo respiratory distress and require intubation on ventilators.


Israel initiated lockdowns and quarantines early in the epidemic, as well as a tracking and testing system to find confirmed cases. Once a vaccination was developed by Pfizer, Israel was quick to secure a stockpile of doses for its population. Israel’s success in distributed its vaccinations throughout its citizenry earned it the moniker the “vacci-nation.” Israel was also the first state to mandate booster shots for the Pfizer vaccine. Israel remained the most vaccinated country for much of the early global rush of inoculations.

Israel was also one of the first countries to introduce a vaccine passport -- The Green Pass, which could be downloaded onto cellphones. Israel has also maintained at times the “Happy Pass” which allowed for limited celebratory events. Some have criticized the extent to which the government has exerted control over its population during the pandemic.


As of November 8, 6,249,400 Israelis have had three Pfizer coronavirus vaccine shots, 5,745,267 have had two, and 3,993,873 have had one shot. A total of 452,062 Israelis have been infected with COVID19, and a total of 8,124 have died from the virus. 

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Jerusalem schools to pilot anti-COVID air filtration system

The schools were selected by the Health and Education ministries to lead the study to determine if air-filtration systems can reduce the spread of the virus in classrooms.

COVID-19: Prime Minister Bennett calls on parents to vaccinate their kids

The vaccination campaign for children aged 5-11 is expected to kick off in a week or two, depending on when Israel is going to receive the supply of vaccines.

Who died of COVID-19 in Israel?

The Jerusalem Post Health & Wellness Podcast with Maayan Hoffman and Rossella Tercatin

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After FDA approval, Israel to debate COVID vaccines for kids

Pediatric infectious disease expert: ‘It is more important than ever to vaccinate children’ * Kids vaccines to arrive by mid-November * Health Ministry to broadcast vaccine committee meeting live.

A healthcare worker shows a vial and a box of the AstraZeneca coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine

COVID: AstraZeneca to be given to those who had side-effects from Pfizer

A supply of the Oxford vaccine is already in Israel and will be distributed to the healthcare providers in the coming days, said Coronavirus Commissioner Prof. Salman Zarqa.

7% of Israel’s serious COVID cases had three vaccine shots

There were around 460 serious and critical cases on Friday, so 7% is around 32 people, meaning less than 0.00001% of people who have had a third shot are currently in serious condition.

COVID: 50% of patients offered antibody drug refuse, many unvaccinated

Half of the coronavirus patients who were offered the antibody cocktail Regeneron refused it. The majority were unvaccinated.

Coronavirus: Israel launches pilot for innovative saliva PCR test

Beginning next week, the Green Pass will not be required in outdoor restaurants and swimming pools.

Coronavirus: Serious patients, hospitalizations at lowest since August

Some 2,653 cases were identified on Sunday, with 2.83% of the almost 100,000 people screened testing positive.

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