Former Soviet Union

JEWISH RED ARMY veterans take part in a Jerusalem parade marking Victory Day, the anniversary of the
Who defeated the Nazis?

75 years on, it is time for the West to realize Russia's key role in Germany's surrender, and for Russia to admit the Soviets' wartime crimes.

Ceremony in Jerusalem commemorates communism amid anniversary of WWII end

The event was held according to Heath Ministry protocol, in contrast to previous years in which members of the Communist Party, the Joint List and numerous army veterans attended the event.

Coronavirus: ‘Let us help,’ says group of FSU doctors

The group of young FSU doctors, enrolled in a program to get their Israeli license, sent a letter to health authorities asking to be integrated into the system to contribute in this time of crisis.

Yuli Edelstein
Ex-Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein - The eye in the storm of divisiveness

Many Israeli legal professionals were aghast and declared that what Edelstein was doing posed a severe threat to Israel's democracy.

JDC volunteers gather in Moscow to prepare mishloah manot for elderly Jews

“I can say that doing something good for people, making sweets with your own hands, and putting all your heart in is so much better than receiving any gifts," said one of the volunteers.

SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Mendelevich, at home in Riga.
Former Prisoner of Zion on the 39th anniversary of his release

Yosef Mendelevich is working on a documentary about his trials and ultimate triumph

Russian-speaking young Jews from the Former Soviet Union came together and experienced Israel throug
800 Young Jews from FSU Experience Taglit on the Carmel

The event is part of a comprehensive partnership between Birthright Israel, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

Children from the former Soviet Union at an IFCJ-sponsored camp. (FJC)
In Former Soviet Union, Jewish kids flock to summer camps

In summer 2019, the Federation of Jewish Communities has run over 80 programs in seven states.

Half of FSU Jews in rural areas have experienced antisemitic attacks

According to a study by the Institute for Euro-Asian Jewish Studies, 47% of Jews who live in small towns or rural areas have experienced antisemitic attacks first hand.

3D print of HIV surface protein gp120. An antibody also is attached at the top (green and blue). Whe
Ministry of Health: Increase in Israeli women diagnosed with HIV

Country-of-origin data in the ministry’s study showed 38% of the subjects with the condition came from the former Soviet Union and that 28% were Israeli-born.

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