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Jerusalem denies high alert at Delhi embassy after earlier reports

An Israel diplomatic source says there is no increased alert in Delhi and that the report sounds like a description of a security drill that took place earlier this year.

Jars with human remains discovered at mysterious site in India

No one knows when or why these huge bowls were hewn, but local legends say that they contained jewelry and human remains.

By Walla!
U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), December 13, 2019.

Ilhan Omar's trip to Islamabad may boost Pakistan's far-right - analysis

Ilhan Omar went on an apparently unofficial trip to Pakistan where she met with a number of officials including ousted PM Imran Khan.

Tel Aviv University launches advanced manufacturing center in India

The new agreement signed between the two universities, includes a commitment to establish a TAU Chair Professorship who will lead the center.

Six burned to death after blast at Indian chemical plant

The blast on Sunday night took place in a hub for chemical and petrochemical manufacturing units at the state's Dahej industrial estate.


Indian police hunt gang accused of stealing a bridge

Selling metal scrap can be a lucrative business in India, where cases of theft of metal parts from public property to sell in large, unorganized scrapyards for quick cash are common.


Voices from the Arab press: The historic Negev Summit

A weekly selection of opinions and analyses from the Arab media around the world.


Archaeologists unearth dozens of giant mysterious stone jars in India

It is not known who made the jars and for what purpose.

Pakistan PM Khan gets reprieve as move to oust him blocked

The opposition and analysts say Khan, who rose to power in 2018 riding on the powerful military's support, had fallen out with it, a charge he and the military deny.


Pakistan’s political chaos could spill over - analysis

What matters is that Pakistan is a populous, nuclear-armed nation that maintains its historic rivalry with India. This means that countries around Pakistan are maneuvering in this new world order.

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