Tungsten light bulbs (illustrative)
Israeli scientists can eavesdrop conversations using a light bulb

By pointing a telescope at a hanging light bulb in the target room and passing the information through a standard laptop, researchers were able to eavesdrop from 25 meters away.

Iranian spy exposed within Hamas ranks - report

One of Marzook's staff members was recently exposed as an Iranian intelligence officer who was recruited by Teheran with Hezbollah mediation.

Qasem Soleimani, commander of IRGC Quds Force
Iran to execute alleged CIA agent involved in Soleimani's killing

Soleimani wielded immense power and influence in his position and was crucial as the architect who spread and maintained Iran’s influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere.

Eli Cohen.
Eli Cohen, the spy who was larger than life

Many of the mysteries surrounding the super-spy have been revealed over the years, others we might never learn, but Cohen’s courage and fate have returned to public consciousness lately.

Alleged Iranian spy was once part of Israeli political party

Ayman Haj Yahya was arrested in a joint Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Israel Police operation and was indicted for spying for Tehran in April.

Coronavirus was 'not manmade or genetically modified' - US spy agency

The statement sharply contradicted conspiracy theories claiming the new coronavirus had been developed by Chinese scientists in a government biological weapons laboratory from which it then escaped.

Israeli security forces arrest  PFLP terror cell members in the Ramallah area
Israeli indicted for spying for Iran named as Ayman Haj Yahya

“The results of the investigation indicate the depth of ties between Iran and the PFLP and their efforts to carry out espionage and terrorist activities within Israel," the Shin Bet said.

Israeli arrested for spying for Iran

The man, whose identity is under gag order and cannot be published, was indicted on serious security offenses in the Lod District Court.

The flag of Denmark
Denmark arrests three members of Iranian opposition group on spy charges

The three members of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA) had already been charged by Danish police for supporting an attack in Iran in 2018.

A prison guard stands along a corridor in Tehran's Evin prison June 13, 2006.
Jailed British-Australian academic refuses Iran's offer to become a spy

"I am not a spy. I have never been a spy and I have no interest to work for a spying organization in any country. When I leave Iran, I want to be a free woman and live a free life."

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