West Bank Annexation

What the government isn't telling you about annexation – opinion

Without fully understanding the implications for our future, the Israeli Right with Netanyahu at the helm “marketed” one of the greatest dangers to the State of Israel as “a legitimate achievement.

A Palestinian holds a poster reading, "Palestinian Lives Matter" at an anti-annexation protest.
Palestinian students in California protest Israeli annexation in caravan

The protests were organized by UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton and Santiago Canyon College.

DNC advances final platform version, Israel related draft stays unchanged

The committee rejected a suggested amendment to condition US assistance to Israel, so "no US aid may be used to facilitate annexation or to violate Palestinians rights."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plants a tree in the Gush Etzion, January 28th, 2019
If Netanyahu opts for elections, will West Bank annexation be lost?

In the current climate, an annexation vote is synonymous with new Israel elections.

Is Netanyahu in a free-fall; trapped between COVID-19 and annexation?

Netanyahu’s worst nightmares have almost become reality, with Israelis taking to the streets shouting, “Netanyahu should be dismissed.”

A Palestinian man flies the national flag as he rides a donkey.
Lies my anti-annexationists allies told me

It’s misleading to pretend there ever was an Arab entity called Palestine, or deny that Israel won the territory in 1967 legitimately in a defensive war.

Right pushes for Sunday West Bank annexation vote at Ministerial Committee

The bill looks to preserve Israeli rights to Area C and rejects any Palestinian expansion of building in Area C and or to expansion of agriculture land, unless approved by Israel’s security cabinet.

Former Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon speaks at the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Ger
Moshe Ya’alon: Israel should stop talking about annexation

Ya’alon explained that Trump didn’t even allow Israel to move forward on sovereignty in January, when he unveiled his peace plan in Washington and published a map of what could be annexed.

SOME OF THE thousands of Christian supporters of Israel at the CUFI Summit in Washington last week.
Christians United for Israel opposes the Van Hollen amendment

"The amendment endangers Israelis and Palestinians who both rely on Israel having the necessary operational freedom to protect against terrorist activities in the West Bank."

PA cancels annexation protest due to coronavirus spread in West Bank

The cancellation of the rally was announced as part of new measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the West Bank.

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