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Facing vengeful neo-Nazis and brain tumor, John Daly keeps fighting

Nothing has held Daly back from being an active advocate against antisemitism, hatred and racism.

A woman getting her hair cut for donation in the "Braid of Strength" campaign

Braid of strength: Hair donation campaign launches for cancer patients

Pantene and Zichron Menachem, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting young cancer patients and their families, are teaming up for the eighth year to gather hair donations from women.

A radiologist examines breast X-rays after a cancer prevention medical check-up at the Ambroise Pare

COVID-19 vaccine can cause false positive on mammogram

Other vaccines, such as the shingles vaccine, pneumonia vaccine or the diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis (D-TaP) vaccine, can cause the false positive as well.

COVID: After isolation, kids with cancer get a break with Zichron Menachem

"Cancer patients suffered a lot during the coronavirus pandemic, much more than the general population."

Human brain

Tel Aviv University reveals brain cancer cure breakthrough

The researchers managed to do this by detecting a failure in the immune system of the brain which can be used against the deadly cancer.

Groundbreaking Israeli treatment may offer cure for blood cancer

“We are reprogramming another type of the immune system’s cells called T-cells, in order to teach them to fight the cancer inside the blood of the patient.”

Cancer discovery could help revitalize non-toxic treatment

Research successfully laid out why immunotherapy treatments that target ovarian, colon and triple-negative breast cancer succeeded in lab tests but failed in human trials.

Boost Testosterone Naturally Fast

Men with high testosterone levels have greater risk of melanoma - study

The study concluded that one in 36 males in the UK will contract melanoma throughout their life, compared to one in 47 women.

A patient receives chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer

Cancer patients can safely get COVID-19 vaccine, Israeli study shows

Cancer patients who have been treated with all types of anticancer drugs have as much as a 40% increased likelihood of dying from COVID-19 than non-cancer patients.

Israeli kids wearing school bags ahead of the first day of school and kindergarten outside their hom

Stem cell transplants lower relapse rate in common cancer - study

The treatments take a person's own immune system and modifies it to be more effective at eliminating cancer cells.

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