Israeli CAR-T cancer treatment could be administered out-patient - first in world

The therapy was developed at Hadassah to treat Multiple Myeloma, AL Amyloidosis and other BCMA-positive malignancies.

This is a better, safer way to be tested for prostate cancer - study

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in Israel. According to data of the Israel Cancer Society, about 2,700 new patients are diagnosed every year.

Biden's biopsy confirmed basal cell carcinoma, cancerous tissue removed - White House

White House physician Kevin O'Connor said that basal cell carcinoma lesions do not tend to spread or metastasize.


Where in Israel are the cancer rates higher or lower?

Researchers examined differences in cancer morbidity and mortality in Israel from three different angles.

Preventable colorectal cancer killed 1,300 Israelis in 2022 - Health Ministry

Studies show that the consumption of sugary drinks can raise the risk of developing malignant colorectal cancer, a preventable condition that still killed 1,300 Israelis in 2022.

Skipping breakfast can damage your immune response - study

Skipping meals through intermittent or prolonged fasting periods cause certain white blood cells to go dormant.

TAU researchers successfully reduce brain metastases in mice for first time

The incidence of brain metastases has been increasing in recent years, probably as a result of improvements in diagnostic methods.

5th patient cured of HIV through risky stem cell transplant - study

The patient from Dusseldorf was confirmed to have been cured of HIV after being given a stem cell transplant, but this procedure is risky and is not a universal cure.


Can this legendary kosher Chinese London restaurant save lives?

Norman Han, 80, co-owner of Kaifeng, is twice a cancer survivor and says that the restaurant has been a lifesaver for him because it gives him the opportunity to save the lives of others.


This smart necklace can help you kick your deadly tobacco habit

It may look like jewelry, but it’s tracking your every puff and can prevent relapse after one quits smoking.

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