theodor herzl

THE MANAGEMENT team at Anchor Steel and Conveyor Company, 1965
The takeover of the Levites and emergence of a Jewish elite

As he planted the seeds for a new anchor of Judaism – Zionism, Herzl recognized the importance of having an elite.

Joseph and Herzl seeking their brethren
Joseph and Herzl seeking their brethren

Two strangers, one who encountered Joseph and another who encountered Herzl, lead them to their brethren and change Judaism.

The legacy of Theodor Herzl lives on in Chicago school

The Herzl School of Excellence still teaches about the school's namesake, with the motto "Visionary of the Jewish State" appearing on school sweatshirts and sports team uniforms.

RABBI ZVI YEHUDA KOOK (right) – whose father Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook founded Mercaz HaRav – stands
Theodor Herzl vs. Rabbi Kook

“As rabbi of Jaffa, Kook was requested to eulogize Herzl who passed away just two months ago. For a rabbi raised in the world of the yeshivas of Lithuania it was a difficult and challenging act."

Herzl’s vision as a celebration of Judaism and life

The seeds for a Jewish transformation, planted by Herzl, were in full bloom at the first Herzl Conference on Contemporary Zionism.

MODERN-DAY HERZL: ‘Herzl Smokes’ mural in Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood, 2018.
Theodor Herzl: Visionary of the Jewish state

The “Herzl 2019” Magazine generated robust discussion since it was published three months ago. To continue the conversation, here are three more articles from leading Herzl thinkers.

PLO leader Yasser Arafat shakes hands with Irish foreign minister Dick Spring in 1996
Book review: Ex-Irish minister says he was framed

Book blames antisemitism for derailing Alan Shatter’s career

The Opening of the 26th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem in 1964.
U.S. Zionist Congress 2020 elections: What are they and why are they important?

Many consider the World Zionist Congress the “parliament of the Jewish people.”

Joe Liberman at the Herzl Conference on October 30, 2019.
Joe Lieberman at Herzl Conference: I see storm clouds gathering on American support for Israel

The former senator and Democratic nominee for vice president expressed his concern over recent statements by Democratic presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders.

The cover of the August 30 edition of The Jerusalem Post Magazine
Netanyahu: We have surpassed Herzl's vision

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has written a letter to The Jerusalem Post Magazine, reflecting on Theodor Herzl's vision

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