Zionism is the nationalistic movement in Judaism which calls on immense support and identification with the historical Jewish homeland in Israel. The movement originated in the late 19th century in central and eastern Europe around the goal of creating a Jewish state in Palestine - then controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Leaders of the movement sought to liberate Jews from anti-Semitism and persecution in the diaspora through the reestablishment of a Jewish state. Since the 1948 establishment of Israel, Zionism refers to advocacy on behalf of Israel.
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Fighting antisemitism: 'Pound of flesh' in 2022 is never enough - opinion

The ensuing hullabaloo exposed the puritanical illiberalism of self-defined progressives, shouting down, screaming over and incapable of hearing any views other than their own.

The clash of Zionism and the American Dream - opinion

The hardest part of parenting is realizing that you can’t always provide absolute protection for your children, no matter how hard you try or where you live

Could the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been avoided? - opinion

One of the great oversights in the history of Zionism is that when the Jewish homeland in Palestine was founded, sufficient attention was not paid to relations with the Arabs.

Israel is the world's worst country - except for all the others - opinion

Israel has stopped the Western clock that was ticking during the 1950’s. We continue to embody the key values that drove an optimistic post-WWII West, particularly in the United States.

It takes a Zionist village to heal, sometimes - comment

As Arabs and Jews, religious and secular, huff and puff, I wonder where else in the Middle East women in hijabs – let alone Jews – can exercise so freely,


Passover to Shavuot and the American-European divide

How the transition affects today’s geopolitics and the emerging divide between Americanism and Europeanism.


'Zionist capitalists' plague for world even before Israel - Khamenei

"The Zionists have always been a plague, even before establishing the fraudulent Zionist regime," the Iranian leader said.


Hostile environments toward Jewish students

Anti-Zionist faculty in US colleges are responsible for creating such environments.


'Bambi,' 'Kafka' and other warnings on European antisemitism

The widespread attacks on Jews in the US, France, Germany and elsewhere, as well as the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, indicate that Zionism still is a survivalist imperative.


What makes a nation strong? Lessons for Ukraine, Israel, the US

Israel and the US are models for Ukraine to recognize that a strong country is built on an independent judiciary, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech

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