Weekend Walk: Yehudia Forest Reserve

Enjoy a number of different water hikes along with stunning Kinneret views that cannot be missed.

Yehudia gallery 311 (photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
Yehudia gallery 311
(photo credit: Yoni Cohen)
The Yehudia Forest Reserve offers a choice of eleven different hikes which are all listed in the park’s brochure, including the Zavitan and the Yehudiya.

One of the most popular hikes follows the Nahal Zavitan. This trail offer beautiful mountain scenery and the opportunity to cool off in some of the springs along the way. This route is more child friendly than the Yehudiya but still requires hikers to overcome some quite steep peaks.
For those looking for adventure, the Yehudiya offers more of a challenge on both a physical and a practical level. Those choosing this trail need to be good swimmers because it involves completely entering the water - and that includes all personal belongings too.
There is a NIS 20 entrance fee for all routes, which are all clearly marked with different colored sign posts along the way.
To reach the Yehudia Forest reserve take Route 87 north of the Kinneret towards Katzrin. After 7 kilometers turn left at the signs for the Yehudia parking lot. Bathrooms, drinking water, snacks and an information center as well as a camping site, can all be found here.

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