Donald Trump gifted Jewish Prayer Shawl and Bible by Detroit Bishop

Trump attended a church service at Great Faith Ministries in Detroit in an effort to court Black voters.

September 3, 2016 20:26
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Trump in prayer shawl.

Donald Trump wearing a Jewish prayer shawl.. (photo credit: CARLO ALLEGRI/REUTERS)

US presidential candidate Donald Trump received an unexpected gift from a Detroit bishop: a Jewish prayer shawl from Israel.

Trump attended a church service at Great Faith Ministries in Detroit on Saturday, in an effort to court black voters.

“Let me just put this on you,” said Bishop Wayne Jackson as the congregation burst into applause.

The pastor said he fasted and prayed over the prayer shawl.

“This is a prayer shawl straight from Israel,” Jackson said. “Whenever you’re flying from coast to coast – I know you just came back from Mexico and you’ll be flying from city to city – there is an anointing. And anointing is the power of God. It’s going to be sometimes in your life that you’re going to feel forsaken, you’re going to feel down, but the anointing is going to lift you up. I prayed over this personally and I fasted over it, and I wanted to just put this on you.”

The pastor also presented Trump with two Jewish Heritage Study Bibles, one for the candidate and one for his wife, Melania.

“When things go down, you can study the word of God,” Jackson said. “When things seem like it’s almost impossible, you will read Mark 9:23 - ‘If thou can believe, all things are possible.’”

Trumps daughter, Ivanka, is a convert to Orthodox Judaism.

Jews traditionally wear the tallit for prayer, following a commandment in the book of Deuteronomy. Some Christian churches have adopted the practice, however.

Trump visited the church in an effort to reach out to the African-American community.

“I’m here today to learn so that we can together remedy injustice in any form, and so that we can also remedy economics so that the African- American community can benefit economically through jobs and income and so many other different ways,” Trump said in his address to the congregation.

Jackson said the occasion was not a rally for Trump, according to CNN.

In his speech to the congregation, Trump said: “The African American faith community is one of God’s greatest gifts to America and to its people. There is perhaps no action our leaders can take that would do more to heal our country and support our people than to provide a greater platform to the black churches and church-goers.”

JTA contributed to this report.

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