How Israel emerged from COVID-19 - Live interview with Prof. Ronni Gamzu

Prof. Ronni Gamzu will speak about corona, medical innovation and aliyah

Prof. Ronni Gamzu and Yaakov Katz
“We achieve more, because we mix Israeli DNA with the DNA of other communities around the world,” says Prof. Ronni Gamzu, director of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and former coronavirus commissioner.

This Sunday, at 1 PM EDT/8 PM Israeli time, Nefesh B’Nefesh will be hosting a fascinating dialog between Gamzu and Jerusalem Post Editor-in-chief Yaakov Katz about aliyah, medical innovation and Israel’s emergence from coronavirus. 
Gamzu will describe his experiences growing up as the child of Iranian immigrants and how his background influenced his life and medical career. 
As the director of Sourasky, he will discuss the growing impact of the aliyah of North American medical personnel on Israel’s healthcare system and how they contribute to medical innovation. 
Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Credit: Courtesy)Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Credit: Courtesy)
“We have a lot to gain from them and a lot to offer to them,” says Gamzu. He will also discuss advances in medical treatment that are being made at Sourasky and how high-tech advancements are leading to new treatments and therapies.
Gamzu will also provide an in-depth analysis, based on his experiences as head of Israel’s Corona Cabinet, on the country’s strategies in dealing with the pandemic and the steps that Israel is taking in returning to normal life.