Aliyah, the Israeli equivalent of immigraton, is the name given to the legal process of obtaining citizenship and residency by moving to the State of Israel. 

Aliyah (rise up) is a process available to Jews worldwide who can prove their Jewish heritage to the Israeli government. 

It is one of the fundamental tenets of Zionism, and is encouraged and incentivized by the Israeli government and by organizations such as Nefesh B'Nefesh that help new olim by granting financial aid packages and guidance to ease the assimilation into Israeli culture.

While Jews immigrated at a steady rate to Israel throughout the country's history, there were few notably massive immigration waves over time, bringing in Jews from all over the world.

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Yamina MK Bezalel Smotrich discusses the Law of Return

51% of Israelis believe Diaspora should be part of Law of Return debate

A survey has found that 51% of Israelis are concerned cancelling the "grandchild clause" will significantly reduce migration to Israel and more.


Fixing Israel's Law of Return needs careful thought - editorial

This requires careful thought and planning, not an overnight revamping of the Law of Return, which remains an essential tenet of Israel’s national existence.

Kehila Latina: Bringing Jerusalem's Latino immigrants together

This month, Kehila Latina is celebrating its second anniversary. This past November, the group had a special event at the Nefesh B’Nefesh center in Jerusalem


This artist returned to Israel's embrace from a life in Silicon Valley

Sagi Erez’s work is appearing in ‘Illusion,’ a solo exhibition at the Tribal Art & Israeli Art Gallery, 13 Merkaz Ba’alei Melacha Street, Tel Aviv, until February 11.

Israel's Law of Return won't change overnight, Diaspora minister stresses

Chikli stressed that the Grandchild Clause is not about to be canceled, rather a committee would be set up to deal with the topic.


MK Sofer solves Ulpan crisis with NIS 20m. investment

According to the Ministry, over 73,000 new olim immigrated to Israel in 2022 and about 24,000 new immigrants studied in government Ulpanim.


14 Days: New cabinet

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.


How Aba Claman serves as a father figure to Israeli soldiers

Their two organizations Thank Israeli Soldiers and MOMENTUM are changing the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers and helping to propel the future of the State of Israel.

Interviewing the interviewer: A 'real talk' with Hadassah Chen

Hadassah Chen, who spends a good deal of her time quizzing the famous and the not yet famous on her Real Talk show, now gets quizzed herself.

Mastering Hebrew just 4.5 years after moving to Israel from Chile

In July 2018, she made aliyah on her own. Her first stop was Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem, determined and motivated to learn and master Hebrew.

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