Judge Judy endorses Bloomberg for US president

Celebrity endorsements don't usually make or break an election, but Judge Judy could be an exception.

Judge Judy  (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Judge Judy
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
America's favorite judge has ruled in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, and has officially endorsed him, a new campaign ad revealed.
Justice Judith Sheindlin, better known to most as TV's Judge Judy, announced her support on Monday in a 30-second campaign ad video simply titled "Judge Him."
In the video, Sheindlin explained her reasons for supporting Bloomberg.
"I'd like to say you can judge someone's character by what they've done," she said. "Mike Bloomberg has done amazing things, and will truly be a great president."
She touts Bloomberg's executive achievements, government experience and his philanthropic efforts.
"His steady leadership will unite our country and bring us through these very challenging times."
Celebrity endorsements are nothing new in politics. In fact, some credit Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Barack Obama in 2007 with earning him over a million votes, according to The Hill.
However, they usually don't make or break an election.
That being said, Judge Judy could very well be an exception.
As a billionaire candidate, Bloomberg struggles to connect with much of the working class, especially in the face of many other candidates' anti-billionaire policies and rhetoric. However, Judge Judy has built up credibility over 25 years on the air, with her show often being viewed by tens of millions of viewers.
In fact, according to a 2013 poll, more Americans trust Judge Judy than the Supreme Court.
Her popularity is attributed to her sense of humor and the perceived legitimacy that she and other daytime television hosts such as Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres are perceived to have – rather than playing a character, many viewers believe these hosts are simply who they say they are.
But there is a serious side of Judge Judy as well. Indeed, her program transcends most daytime TV shows because of her devotion to highlighting the need for people to be responsible for their own actions.
Whether this gives Bloomberg, who is currently trailing in third place at the time of writing, the edge he needs remains to be seen.