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Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg addresses supporters at his Super Tuesday n
Michael Bloomberg suspends Democratic presidential campaign

The former New York City mayor spent hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money in a bid to secure the candidacy.

Michael Bloomberg says he needs more gun protection than average citizen

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg made the case Monday that he requires more gun protection than the average citizen due to persistent threats against his life.

Bloomberg at AIPAC: Sanders is 'dead wrong' for calling AIPAC racist

He also vowed – unlike Sanders – to keep the Israeli embassy in Jerusalem and voiced his opposition to the BDS movement.

David Friedman
David Friedman, Mike Pompeo speak at AIPAC - WATCH LIVE

The speakers take part in the three-day conference, speaking on the Monday morning general session at Washington.

Attendees stand and turn their backs on Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg as
Congregants in Alabama church turn their backs on Bloomberg

"The people of Selma will struggle for the soul of the nation," Bloomberg told his audience, as a number of those in attendance silently stood and turned their backs.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington in March.
Pence, Pompeo, Bloomberg and Biden to address AIPAC conference

Vice President Mike Pence will be the keynote speaker this year. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, will address the conference as well.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Behind Bloomberg: Wall Street in the 1960s. Behind
Bloomberg fishes for delegates among Americans in Israel

Campaign literature put out before the event said that Bloomberg, who along with Bernie Sanders is Jewish, has been “a champion for Israel."

Democratic 2020 US presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) talks as former South Bend M
Would Sanders, Bloomberg or Warren move the US embassy back to Tel Aviv?

"What I happen to believe is that right now – sadly, tragically, in Israel, through Bibi Netanyahu – you have a reactionary racist who is now running that country," Sanders said.

bloomberg israel
Bloomberg campaign to try its luck in Israel

Bloomberg's main competition in Israel is most likely the other Jewish candidate, current Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders, who in 2016 won 60% of the vote, compared to Hillary Clinton's 40%.

Twitter suspends pro-Bloomberg accounts over 'platform manipulation'

The action was first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

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