'Anonymous' threatens cyber-attacks in response to 'Israeli attacks on the Aksa Mosque'

The hacktivist group says that it plans to target Israeli military websites, banks and public institutions.

Picture of Anonymous hacker from social media‏ (photo credit: SOCIAL MEDIA)
Picture of Anonymous hacker from social media‏
(photo credit: SOCIAL MEDIA)
International hacker group Anonymous has reportedly threatened to launch a cyber attack against Israel on Friday.
According to Iranian media, the loose collective of international hackers is launching the attack against Israeli banks and public institutions in response to "repeated Israeli attacks on the Aksa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem."
The group said that it also plans to target Israeli military websites.
Anonymous threatens cyber attacks against Israel in November 2014
Anonymous launched a cyber-attack on Israel in April, managing to inflict only temporary delays and minor inconveniences. The group managed to take the Israel postal service and the Education Ministry websites down briefly and disrupt a handful of private websites. It also published a long list of phone numbers and email addresses belonging to Israeli officials.
Former senior cyber-security official in the Prime Minister's Office, Col. (res.) Rami Efrati told Army Radio on Wednesday that "Israel is ready on a daily basis for cyber-attacks by enemy agents."
Efrati said attacks of this kind against Israel are not new, nor is Israel the only state which faces such threats.
He added that declarations announcing major cyber-attacks generally came at times of increased security tensions.
Niv Elis contributed to this report.