WATCH: Step into boots of Israeli soldier in arrest of Beit El terrorist

From the perspective of special forces, officers can be seen dashing down a road, carrying a ballistic breaching shield.

Yamas soldier helmet camera from an operation in West Bank to arrest Beit El shooter.

Dashing down a road, carrying a ballistic breaching shield, to catch a terrorist — The public was able to step into the boots of the Israel Border Police's special Yamas counter-terrorism on Sunday morning, with helmet footage of the arrest of a terrorist that shot at Israelis at the West Bank settlement of Beit El on Friday.

From the perspective of the counter-terrorism operative, it can be seen how forces on Saturday rounded a corner and the suspect, Muhammad Odeh, 19, threw up his hands and surrendered to the forces. 

Weapons, uniforms and propaganda materials were found in Odeh's house in the village of Deir-Jarir. Two other people were arrested for suspected material support of the attack. 

Odeh had fled the scene of the Beit El shooting, in which a 25-year-old Israeli was lightly injured. Another terrorist was killed at the scene of the shooting by soldiers from the IDF's 890 Paratrooper Battalion. 

The Border Police said that the operation, which was conducted in conjunction with the IDF and Shin Bet, and been launched as soon as Shin Bet had alerted them to the suspect's location. 

 IDF soldier during arrests on 10/16/2022. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT) IDF soldier during arrests on 10/16/2022. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON UNIT)

Break the Wave operations

In another Sunday operational update, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that a total of six wanted individuals had been arrested overnight.  

In one notable incident, one suspect was arrested after they attempted to steal a weapon from an IDF officer.

The IDF said that Israeli forces suffered no casualties overnight. 

Staying in the Lion's Den

Also on Sunday, 164 family members of terrorists from the Nablus city area had their entry permit to Israel revoked after a decision was reached at a security assessment held by Defense Minister Benny Gantz, to the COGAT Spokesperson’s Office.

Those with their permits revoked were relatives of Lion's Den members, Maariv reported.
Lion's Den is a new terrorist group responsible for many of the recent terrorist attacks in Israel and the West Bank. 

Jerusalem Post Staff contributed to this report.