The IDF, or, Israel Defense Forces, is the national military force of the State of Israel, consisting of ground, air, and navy forces. The force is currently led by Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot. The IDF was officially formed in May 1948 after the establishment of the Jewish state, by then prime minister David Ben-Gurion, incorporating the military groups Haganah, Irgun, and Lehi, which existed in Israel pre-formation of the state. Conscription to the force is mandatory for all Israeli citizens, male and female, who have reached the age of 18. The army has engaged in multiple wars since its establishment, amongst them, the War of Independence, the Sinai War, the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War, and the two Lebanon Wars. It has also engaged in a multitude of operations, amongst them, Operation Cast Lead, Pillar of Defense, and most recently, Protective Edge.

IDF should invest in its non-commissioned officers

Space, cyber and AI assets will dominate future conflicts and require a seasoned NCO corps to operate them.

Kochavi fires officer, censures 4 others for role in soldier's suicide

Cpl. Niv Lubaton committed suicide after he was being recruited as a source by Military Police.

The scene of a suspected car ramming attack near Hebron
IDF soldier who lost leg in terror attack released from hospital

Sgt. Shadi Ibrahim was struck two weeks ago in the south Hebron Hills; Two Palestinians shot by IDF in West Bank

Six Day War
NYC lawmaker: Being a ‘Republican in New York’ is like being IDF soldiers

A New York City lawmaker told a Jewish audience that she knows what it was like for Israeli soldiers to fight in the Six Day War because she’s “a Republican in New York City.”

The IDF’s tactical start-up innovation Pilot program

"It's a matter of time before Hezbollah has technology like AI."

BDS activists play IDF soldiers, stage mock execution in Vienna

The Austrian news outlet 'Heute' first reported on the anti-Israel stunt that took place Saturday at Viktor Adler Square in the Austrian capital.

First Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal
IDF using DNA samples to identify murder weapon that killed Amit Ben-Yigal

Soldiers from IDF's Golani Brigade, which had carried out the initial raid, returned to the scene to gather the stones, which are now being tested for DNA.

SHAY SHEMESH: When the withdrawal happened it was a feeling of closure, but I felt like I didn’t ful
Twenty years after the IDF left Lebanon, the memories are flooding back

Military Affairs: The nameless, forgotten war claimed the lives of hundreds of soldiers and left thousands more with traumatic mental scars, which for many are only now being treated.

Hezbollah training Syria's 1st Corps to use in future war against Israel

Hezbollah’s Southern Headquarters trains Syrian troops and collects intelligence on IDF

HOW DO we decide what is newsworthy here?
Why are some deaths and scandals considered more newsworthy than others?

The question is necessarily subjective but worth asking nonetheless.

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