Family of slain terrorist 'proud' of Jerusalem attack, Al-Acri's 'martyrdom'

Residents of Shuafat declare day of mourning over killing of Al-Acri.

Sons of terrorist Ibrahim al-Acri (photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
Sons of terrorist Ibrahim al-Acri
(photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
The family of Ibrahim al-Aqari, the 38-year-old terrorist who killed one person and injured 14 others when he rammed his car into pedestrians in Jerusalem on Wednesday, said they were proud of him.
Aqari was shot and killed by police at the scene of the attack.
His wife said that when he saw what was happening at the Temple Mount in the morning, he decided to go out on his mission of "martyrdom."
She said that when her husband saw images of blood and wounded people during clashes with police forces at the Temple Mount early in the morning, "he rushed out to become a martyr and hero."
One of Aqari's sons said he was proud of the attack that his father carried out. The son, Hamzeh, told reporters in the refugee camp Shuafat that his father was angry because of Jewish "incursions" into the Aqsa Mosque compound.
Residents of the camp declared a day of mourning on Thursday over the killing of Aqari.
The Palestinian Authority, meanwhile, referred to the attack as a "car accident." The PA's official news agency headlined: "Jerusalem driver dies in car accident that also injured Israelis."