Hamas: Jerusalem synagogue attack in response to death of Palestinian bus driver found hanged

Hamas calls for additional "revenge attacks" after four killed in capital Tuesday morning.

Terror attack scene in Jerusalem  (photo credit: REUTERS)
Terror attack scene in Jerusalem
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Hamas reacted to the terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue on Tuesday morning, saying the deadly incident was in response to the death of a Palestinian bus driver found hanged in his vehicle earlier in the week.
Hamas called for additional attacks after two suspected Palestinian terrorists killed four people and wounded a number of others at the "Kehilat Yaakov" synagogue in Jerusalem.
Amid an onslaught of unfounded claims in the Palestinian media Monday that 32-year-old bus driver Yussuf al-Ramuni was murdered by Jewish settlers Sunday night in Jerusalem, an autopsy report concluded the driver’s death was self-inflicted, resulting from hanging himself inside the vehicle.
"The attack in Jerusalem is a reaction to the crime and execution of the martyr al-Ramouni and a reaction to the crimes of the occupation, the Hamas movement is calling for more revenge attacks," Hamas said on its official Al-Aksa TV.