Hamas lists Ben-Gurion airport, Dimona Reactor, as 'notable' sites bombed in Protective Edge

Hamas leaders continue to talk about victory, boast about achievements, on one year anniversary of Operation Protective Edge.

Hamas poster boasting of their rocket targets during Operation Protective Edge.‏ (photo credit: HAMAS MEDIA)
Hamas poster boasting of their rocket targets during Operation Protective Edge.‏
(photo credit: HAMAS MEDIA)
A year since the onset of last summer's Operation Protective Edge, Hamas took to Twitter to boast of their military prowess during the nearly two-month long operation.
In a new post, the terror group noted sites such as the Dimona reactor, Ben-Gurion Airport, Jerusalem, and Gush Dan as "notable sites bombed during Operation Protective Edge."

Although Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said in the past that, "We do not target civilians, and we try most of the time to aim at military targets and Israeli bases," the poster says otherwise, taking aim at metropolises such as Haifa, Jerusalem, and Gush Dan, on top of military airbases Palmachim and Ramon, and the Kanaf 2  nuclear base.

Hamas leaders continue to talk about “victory” over Israel on the first anniversary of the war.
Saleh Arouri, a senior Hamas operative based in Turkey, said in a statement that the “victory of the Palestinian people was a real step toward paving the way for independence and freedom.”
Acknowledging the heavy price Hamas paid during the conflict, Arouri, who according to Israeli security sources is responsible for the recent spate of terrorist attacks against Israelis, also predicted that the “victory” would accelerate the release of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.
“True, our people made huge sacrifices during the 52-day war, but we have made strategic achievements in the long term – ones that will pave the way for liberation and freedom for Palestinian prisoners,” Arouri said.
“This victory will also deter the occupier from launching another aggression on our people,” he added. “Any renewed aggression on our people won’t go unanswered.”
Khalil al-Haya, another top Hamas official, also issued defiant statements marking the anniversary of the war.
“The occupation, which waged war against our defenseless people and continued the siege of the Gaza Strip, won’t succeed in breaking our will and resolve,” Haya stressed.
Hamas also insists that its armed wing, Izzadin Kassam, remains as strong as ever despite the heavy casualties it suffered during the war. Its commanders said in the past few days that they have been able to replace the rockets and missiles that were destroyed during the war. They also claimed that Hamas has been able to rebuild scores of tunnels along the border with Israel that were targeted by the IDF.
Khaled Abu Toameh contributed to this report.