Four pipe bombs explode in West Bank severely injuring IDF officer

An officer was in serious condition with a head wound following the blast.

Soldiers wounded in explosion in West Bank

An IDF unit identified a suspicious device near Hizma, which blew up and injured an IDF officer, the army said.

A search of the area revealed that four pipe bombs had exploded causing the injury to the officer. An additional five pipe bombs we found in the sweep and were deactivated by security forces.
The officer was in serious condition with a head wound following the explosion.

According to information provided by the IDF, the blast occurred when a suspicious device blew up in the area of Hizma, near Jerusalem's Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood.

Paramedics said the officer remained conscious during treatment after the blast and was evacuated to nearby Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem.   

Dvir Adani, a volunteer medic with the ambulance unit of United Hatzalah, was among the first responders at the scene of the blast.
"When I arrived at the scene I saw a young man who was suffering from a head wound. Together with other volunteer medics we treated the injured man after which he was transferred by an emergency services ambulance to the hospital. He was fully conscious at the time of evacuation."
A search for those responsible for placing the bombs is underway.