New Hamas music video threatens to rain down rockets on Israel

Titled "Zionists, you will perish in Gaza," the video relays the terror group's message, threatening Israelis that rockets will "get you where you live."

Hamas propaganda video about destruction of Israel
Hamas has released its latest Hebrew-language animated music video on Tuesday night, threatening to destroy Israel just one day after a flare up in violence between Israel and Gaza that erupted when the terror group fired a projectile from the Gaza Strip that landed in the south of Israel.
The animated video, titled “Zionists, You Will Perish in Gaza” was uploaded to YouTube and calls for terror attacks and rockets against Israel, promising death to those “who do not leave our land immediately” in an attempt to deter Israel from another round of fighting with the terror organization.
The video features dozens of rockets striking all over Israel as well as stereotypical looking Jews being shot in the head, Hamas militants blowing themselves up among Israeli soldiers and a rocket hitting the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv.
Among one of the lyrical threats, the video warns that  “we will eat you, Zionists, without salt” and that "ooooh...Zionist, a rocket will get you where you live."
Hamas has released similar threatening music videos in the past in an apparent attempt at psychological warfare, including at the height of the wave of violence which broke out in the West Bank and Jerusalem last year as well as during Operation Protective Edge in 2014. 
Despite the violence and obvious threats, the videos more often than not are in broken Hebrew and have catchy tunes. They seem to have the opposite effect on the Israeli home front, going viral by those who find them amusing and release parodies on social media.